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Honoring The Family Legacy: Winchester 70 Full Restoration - Feat. The Solie Family

Let us charm you with the story of this Winchester pre-64 model 70 and introduce you to the family that passed on the tradition of hunting together from one generation to another!

The rifle was manufactured in 1950, and in 1954 became the treasured possession of a young boy, named Jerry. When Jerry originally purchased the rifle, he asked his dad to give him a ride to the store, as he was too young to drive. At only 14 years old, he saved all his money to purchase his dream rifle. The Winchester became his life-long companion: the rifle followed him in the mountains, in Alaska, all over Eastern Washington, by the lakes, by the ocean, on the farms and in the hills. The rifle accompanied him in camping trips and long hunting days, when shooting seals, deer, bear, and other critters.

At only 17, Jerry started handloading for his rifle. As a young man, he spent a number of summers going fishing in the remote areas of Alaska, even prior to Alaska being a state! There were bounties for seals, so he shot so many of them one summer, he can’t remember the number.

Jerry soon had a son, named Hans. His son grew up and started going hunting with dad. He got familiarized first with what hunting means, then he was introduced to BB guns, then he was allowed to carry the Winchester and finally, he graduated to being allowed to shoot it, at age 9.

Today, the 14 years old boy who got a ride to purchase a rifle is a very respectable great grandfather, who in his old age is very active and agile! No longer a boy, he carries a rich legacy of hunting stories and loves sharing them with the world! The rifle has now been in the possession of Mr. Hans for about 40 years. Mr. Hans approached us to restore his father’s rifle, as a surprise for him.

We refinished the metal, re-did the woodwork – including re-cutting the checkering – and brought the rifle to pristine condition. All machining marks have been removed, and the metal has been slow rust blued. The wood has been completely stripped and refreshed with a number of hand rubbed oil coats, with our in-house made oil blends. Some of the deeper dings have been steamed, but we made sure to leave just enough history marks on the rifle so that the family history is never forgotten.

Mr. Jerry Solie was surprised by his son with this wonderful project. They both accepted to sit down with us and share some of their hunting stories with us. This documentary shows the fascinating way in which hunting together created a strong bond between father and son. The son is now a grandfather, and he is planning on leaving this rifle to his grandson, who at the moment is just about as tall as the rifle…

Hunting is not only about providing best quality food or protection. Hunting together is also about bonding. There is something almost magical in experiencing the unity that hunting together brings. A family that hunts together, stays together…

To watch Mr. Jerry Solie be surprised by Mr. Hans Solie, and in order to listen to their fantastic one-hour long "Father and Son" hunting stories, click on the video below:


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