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If you are looking for personalized ways to increase grip on your favorite stock, we can help with personalized and custom-designed checkering.

Traditionally, the role of checkering is to give the shooter more grip on the stock, especially when the stock wet and muddy (rain, mud), bloody (in battles of when hunting) or greasy (oils, dirt, debris mixed softened varnish in higher temperatures), to absorb the perspiration away from the palms during shooting and as decoration.

Checkering is not necessary on all stocks for practical reasons, but decorative reasons are just as important: any reputable gun maker will advice that a stock is not complete unless it is checkered.


The checkering patterns that we use today appeared in the gun industry only about 150 years ago.


There are several traditional / classic ways to cut checkering. This has to do with the style of grooves and the angle of the checkering.

We offer quality checkering services, regardless if you are looking for pointed checkering, English flattop checkering, semi flattop checkering, fish scale checkering, border-less checkering, fill in checkering, fancy checkering, angular or wrap around patters. 

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