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No matter how badly your stock is, we have a solution for it.
In some cases, it might be more cost-affordable to replace the stock, but when it comes to original, antique or emotionally precious stocks, we can definitely offer
repair and refinish options.

For refinishing, we use in-house made oil blends. Multiple hand rubs with top quality oils finishes brings the stock in a better shape than you've ever seen it before.

Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC inletting is a one-to-one press fit from the chamber to the end of the rear tang of the action and bottom metal.  The barrel is free floated 10mils.  All inletting is CA-impregnated and glass-bedded to make the stock atmospherically inert and insure zero potential for movement between stock and action.  Stock is pillar bedded to eliminate any possibility of crush during reassembly.

We produce top quality custom bespoke rifle and shotgun stocks in beautiful Turkish and American (Black) Walnut.  There are myriad options available with custom stock work. Our custom stocks are actually custom: they are fitted to the physiology of the customer. From the height of cheek to the shoulder pocket angle, we think of everything when we design the  stock that will fit you like a glove.

Our checkering service includes traditional, hand-cut checkering. Our checkerings improve grip and give the stock the classy look. Traditional patterns are available, or we can designed one specifically for your stock. 
We also re-cut worn checkering. From client-provided patterns to individually designed wrap-arounds with fleurs and ribbons, Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC - Restorations checkering adds additional elements of elegance and class, as well as functionality.  

We offer traditional oil finishes and the very sought for, high gloss
two parts varnish that replicates the original Weatherby finish.

Brubaker Restorations Fine Firearm Wood Restoration Full Panel copy.jpg
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