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Brubaker Arms installs banded front sight ramps, makes custom front sight ramps and sling swivel bands, custom rear sights, express sights installed, custom banded sling swivel, soldered front sight ramps,quality work,quick turnaround,

Sights and Bands

Extra class; Increased efficiency.

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Custom Work

There is little limit to the possibilities of custom metal work for your firearm.  Contact Brubaker Arms when you want to transform the gun in your hands into the one from your dreams!



Our accurizing packages are the best solution for improving your firearm.

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New barrel = New cartridge = New Gun!! 

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We provide quality threading services.

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Bluing, Parkerizing

No more rusty guns!

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Slide Profiling

We are working with an experienced Restoration Architect who studied and worked 10+ years in Europe, to bring back to life that worn out splendid engraving.

Parts Fabrication

Replace those Irreplaceable parts!


Hand engraving of the highest quality - for those who respect tradition and craftsmanship.


Engraving Restoration

We are working with an experienced Restoration Architect who studied and worked 10+ years in Europe, to bring back to life that worn out splendid engraving.


We start with a color and design consultation, then fully diassemble your firearm and clean it of all oils and residues.  Once the parts are cerakoted and cooled, we reassemble your firearm and test all functions before returning it to you.

Color Case Hardening

Our Color-casing services are following traditional methods, rediscovered through hard study and extensive experimentation.


Traditional Colt Bluing

We provide high-end Traditional Colt Bluing services. All our bluing jobs are a proof of our craftsmanship and know-how.

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