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Having your own classic custom rifle / shotgun made is an exciting endeavor!
​Top quality craftsmanship is one of the major differences between a custom made rifle and a mass produced one.

Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC is one of the youngest and most vibrant bespoke gunmaking houses in modern America today. Here, we dedicate our lives to furthering the American traditional gunmaking legacy.
At Brubaker Arms, we understand the power of legacy.
As artists, we bend to the lines to perfection.
As craftsmen we find joy in showing our skill.
As restores we bring the legacy back to life.
As gunmakers we are building an American tradition.

We craft some of America's finest bespoke shotguns and rifles in our dedicated facility.
Our traditional, taught and self-developed gunmaking skills and skilled machinery  work make the design and production of your bespoke gun possible. Our customer service caters to our customers with excellence.

Your journey to having a bespoke firearm made starts here.


The production of a Brubaker Arms Manufacturing bespoke firearm begins with the action.
Our curated actions will fit the scope of your firearm and  will be accurized and customized to fit your needs. Be it for a shoot in Africa or a local Texan safari, your action will perform exceptionally under stress, because our accurizing and customizing packages are executed to perfection to improve accuracy, reduce average and exceptional stress on the mechanical parts. Hand fitting the internal parts and hand polishing the metal to perfection is key - and we are very good at making your firearm work like a Swiss watch. Our firearms outshoot the shooters.
At Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, we offer complete action accurizing and optimizing services, including custom work that improves the overall aesthetic while contributing to the functionality of the action. Our bolts are always carefully shaped and customized to make your action yours!

DSC_0027 copy.jpg

We source our barrels from the most trusted barrel makers in America. We pride ourselves with exceptional machining skill which allow us to do all the barrel and metal work to the highest standards. The contours, rifling, profiles and caps fit perfectly and pair greatly with the meticulously improved actions. Each barrel is timed to the action and the head space is checked to be in spec and provide you with flawless accuracy time you pull the trigger.
All machining marks are removed from the barrels by hand polishing them to perfection. At Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, we offer multiple grains of polish, including the mirror polish used to replicate the Traditional Colt Bluing.


Because we respect your pursuit for elegance, we took a step further to make your quest easier. We searched and found in the heart of Turkey, the best of all that trees that the land produce, to bring the perfect blank for your custom build thousands of miles closer to you, so you don't have to. Perfection is here: Turkish Walnut has a very unique color and hardness to it, as the minerals that are in the Turkish soil give the wood unique traits. For your custom builds, we use only the best wood. We are part of an international network of Turkish walnut distributors, so we can provide you with the best Turkish Walnut blanks. Turkish Walnut grown in the US is not the same grade as original Turkish Walnut, grown in Turkey.
At Brubaker Arms Manufacturing we offer the best of the wood available on the market. We work with Turkish Walnut (grown and imported from Turkey), English Walnut, American Walnut, Olive Wood (when available).
At Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, when you commission a bespoke gun, you secure a wooden pattern to be made to your specific dimensions, which you will afterwards retain and can use for having it multiplied into stocks that fit you like a glove. Gunfitting the stock to you is included in the bespoke gun commision.

Custom Stock and Full Firearm Restoration of a Perazzi MX8 at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing,

Finishing a gun brings out the best in your firearm and crowns the effort invested in producing your gun with the spectacular appearance that only bespoke guns can show. Every step of a bespoke firearm's creation requires skill, dedication, workmanship and a high execution standard. Quality finishes bring firearms to life.
The amount of work and know-how that go in the making of a firearm are astonishing. Both metal and wood are hand polished and finished to perfection with precious finishes. Our shop offers options like the very much coveted Weatherby finish, the delicate and finicky English Oil Finish (in-house made oil blends), Commercial Oil Finish.
As for metal finishes, we offer from slow rust bluing, to belgian bluing, browning, commercial bluing, Traditional Colt Bluing and charcoal bluing (yes, they are different!), color case hardening, and multiple other options of coating. 

Color case hardening colt bluing traditional firearm refinish antique firearm refinish.jpg

Brubaker Arms Manufacturing's iconic Fleur-de-Lis checkering and perfect wood sculpting line increases the functionality and the beauty of the wood. Firearm hand engraving is the peak of the finest expression of love towards the field companion. The opportunity for personalization and increasing the collectability of your bespoke gun is tremendous.  Detailed game scenes, personal designs as well as precious metal inlays can all define your firearm and complement the unique checkering work executed by our masters with perfection.

Trigger Bow Restoration at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing LLC -  Engraving Restoration - Brub
Brubaker Arms Custom Checkering Custom Fitted Stock Firearm Restoration Antique Firearms B

In 2017, Craig Boddington published an article covering the 9.3x64 Bernneke round in detail. Our client, Mr. E.V., fell in love with his cartridge. He had the chance to shoot it soon thereafter and decided to set aside his tax returns for a number of years. 

The tax return money were well spent: he commissioned us to build a Winchester Model 70 Post 64 (push round feed, not the control round feed model), chamber it in 9.3x64 Bernneke, which is the largest round you can fit in the Winchester action without modification.

The rifle features full custom barrel taper, full custom stock, hand cut custom checkering and hand cut engraving.

At the SCI show in 2019, Mr. Boddington had the chance to see and discuss the project with us. We
 told Mr. Craig Boddington the story of how this rifle came to be, and got a short video of him telling our customer, Mr. E.V. that it's a mighty fine rifle. 

Eric's riffle full panel copy.jpg
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