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A great number of firearms become wall hangers because some parts become obsolete. 

Our Firearms Restorations Department has an extensive array of patterns of obsolete and no longer manufactured modern firearms, and their composite parts.

Reverse engineering is also possible if you have the broken part(s) available, or if you can provide schematics. We can also manufacture parts by copying original parts that we borrow for other collectors.

We can manufacture parts in batches as small as 1 and as large as industrial quantities.

Our Firearms Restorations Department also offers hand fitting and manual profiling of parts, for a perfect fit.

Obsolete Gun Parts 3 copy.jpg
Obsolete Gun Parts 1 copy.jpg
Obsolete Gun Parts 2 copy.jpg
Obsolete Gun Parts 4 copy.jpg
Obsolete Gun Parts 5 copy.jpg
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