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Our Assisted Acquisition services are popular among trap shooters, safari hunters and other discriminating shooters. 

We are here to make sure you get the best return on your investment!

If you are planning on purchasing a firearm, but you haven't found the one that would fit your needs and expectations, give us a call. We will put together a description of your ideal firearm based on various factors that would determine what the ideal firearm is for you. We will go together over information like your intended use of the firearm, the primary purpose of the firearm, the type of weather you will be shooting in, the environment you are hoping your firearm will perform best in, certain measurements of your body and physique traits. We will take all this information and make sure the firearm you invest in respects all the criteria.  

We will find the firearm that fits you perfectly, order it for you and have it shipped straight at our shop for an inspection. If there are any faults, mechanical or aesthetics issues with your firearm - hidden or that we were aware of when we purchased the firearm -  we will let you know. At that point you can decide to either have us return the firearm to the seller or have the firearm fixed and restored.

The most popular option among our customers is the purchase of a firearm produced by a high-end manufacturer, advertised as in "fair"or "acceptable" condition, in order to have it restored to "better than original" condition. This route provides the best return on investment because the combined cost of a fine firearm in acceptable condition plus the restoration cost is considerably lower than the cost of a firearm that is in prime condition.
This option also allows for customized finishes (weather resistant coatings, par example) or custom stock making, which improves shooting time and accuracy.  

Other customers prefer to purchase second hand firearms that are advertised as in good condition, and upon having them shipped, they request the seller to ship them to our shop for inspection. We are happy to assist with this service as well.

Our acquisition assistance services are charged at hourly rates, with a minimum charge of 15% of the value of the firearm. 

Fill in the Acquisition Assistance Request below, and one of the members of our team will be in touch shortly! Thank you for choosing our services!

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