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HONORING THE FAMILY LEGACY: Remington 1903 30-06 Full Restoration - feat. Michael B.

Today we have a Remington-made 03 – or a Remington made Springfield 1903 – since everybody calls it Springfield 0383; is the same thing. This one happened to be manufactured by Remington, because everybody was tooling up for World War One. So this is a nice old gun. When it came in to us, this is the original stock. It had a pistol grip (we'll have some before pictures in the footage), and this is the end result! The stock was modified to the client's specifications, including changing the pistol grip to a straight grip and removing the black forend tip and replacing it with a matching forend tip - and we think we did a pretty good job matching that color. We did a total restoration of the stock, we steamed out any of the dings and dents and any other marks that might have been in it before giving it a fine English oil finish. Once the stock got down to the final sanding we actually polish the wood itself, and that helps to bring out the figure in the wood as well as the contrasting colors. After that we seal it with our thinned oil finish that we make here in house. Our in-house made finishes do not have any drying agents in them, like the commercially prepared oil finishes. So they take a longer time to dry between applications. It's a fine English oil finish. It takes time. One would start by applying coat of oil a day until the wood won't absorb the oil and dry in a day; then a coat a week until the wood stops absorbing the oil with that frequency, and then a coat of oil per month until the wood stops absorbing the oil - and it eventually dries entirely. The finish will be soft in the final stages of settling, but it will eventually harden. That way one can build up quite a “shell of oil” over the wood just to protect it. But at the same time that oil finish really catches the light and really draws out the figure in the wood. This finish is certainly our best finish. We kept the original front sight (a banded front sight ramp). We pulled it off, bored out the band so we could slide it back a little bit in order to thread the muzzle for our BAMF Muzzle Break (our sporturized model). The scope has a one piece zero MOA Picatinny mount with quick release springs. The metal was polished by hand to remove any of the pits and marks before we did a final bead blast and then we blue finished the rifle. We also installed a fresh recoil pad. KICK-EEZ is definitely the way to go. And this is the original sling. It was important to our client to maintain the original sling so we found a leathersmith who could actually put a backing on, and now it looks great and it can be used for a long while. Watch further to learn this firearm's sentimental value for our client.


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