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HONORING THE FAMILY LEGACY: Winchester M88 Stock Restoration - feat. The Jaussaud Family

Today we have a Winchester Model 88 lever action, .308 Winchester, and it came in for a stock restoration. The stock was in pretty rough shape when it came in. It had some dings in it and a lot of the original varnish was worn off. It wasn't quite this colour, the wood had a lighter stain on it. The recoil pad had a really poor fit so we cleaned that up as well.

We stripped the stock of all of his old finish, steamed out the dents that were there. We did a light sanding of the finish then we stained the stock with a dark black walnut American walnut color, as that's what the client was looking for.

We then we put a fine English oil finish on it. We make our fine English oil finish blends here in house. We start with raw linseed oil and cook it to the temperature, the consistency and the color that we want. Making it here allows us to add different additives. That way, we can control color content and quality of finish way better.

Finishing a stock with a natural oil, that does not have hardening agents in – like the commercially prepared oil, does take a little bit longer than applying a commercially available oil finish. But we think the results are worth it. This oil has a shine and lustre that you can't get with a commercially available finish.

We did not restore the bluing on this rifle, but we might just get to do that soon...

Watch further to learn the story of how this firearm came to be our customer’s possession.


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