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Honoring The Family Legacy: Harrington & Richardson (H&R) 300 Mauser Action 308 Win

Today we have a Mauser action manufactured by Harrington & Richardson (H&R) 300 Mauser Action 308 Win chamber to 308 Winchester. The client brought it in because the stock had a small crack at the back of the tang of the action. He was looking to have that repaired. It seemed to be more of a cosmetic issue than a structural one.

Upon further investigation, we found out that the crack was not just at the back of the tank but ran from the right side of the chamber all the way down through the action and into the wrist of the stock. So we cleaned it up and initially glued and clamped everything together and then bedded some wooden cross pins perpendicular to the crack to keep everything more rigid. After that, we recommended a pillar bedding for the stock just to make sure everything stayed in place. When we opened up the gun, it was apparent that the barreled action had become loose in stock and that resulted in battery, which was what caused it to crack. With a press fit pillar bedding the action cannot move in the stock. So therefore after repairing the crack and pillar bedding, we have eliminated the possibility of it occurring again. After doing that work we refinished the outside of the stock, stripped off the old finish and did a clean up sanding on the wood, polished it to bring out the figure a little bit and then put on a spray varnish finish. In this video, we familiarize our audience with the type of restoration work that we do here at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, Restoration Department.


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