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The Brubaker Journal - Volume one - Issue 1 - Spring 2023





Meet The People Behind Our Projects

HONORING THE FAMILY LEGACY - The Story of a Litter Girl and Her Swiss Vetterli - feat. The B. Family Rifle

Here at Brubaker Arms, we love being part of your family history. We are building an American tradition by preserving the history and the legacy of your family. We are an all inclusive gunsmithing / gunmaking shop, but we specialize in restoration of firearms with emotional value and high-end custom builds that are intended to be passed on to the coming generations.


The Shotgun Enthusiast Corner

THE SHOTGUN REPORT - A Chat About Perazzi MX2000, Perazzi MX2000S, Krieghoff and Kolar Max Lite Sporting

In this article I am presenting my personal opinion regarding Perazzi MX2000, Perazzi MX2000S, with brief references to Krieghoff and Kolar Max Lite Sporting. Since we worked on a number of Perazzis recently and I was exposed to a few Krieghoffs and Kolars as well in the recent past, I thought writing an article to share some of the aspects that I wasn't aware of before might provide others with some insight as well.

One of our recently fully fitted custom Perazzi stocks & metal restoration.

Perazzis are fully customizable shotguns (this is not news to anyone, I know!); from the forend to the trigger to the length of the barrel to the stock, everything can be made custom to the customer’s specs; but my comparison is based on a couple of off-the-shelf Perazzis, cut to standard size, that you would purchase from a distributor. This would be the expedited way to purchase a Perazzi.


The Rifle Collector Corner

THE RIFLE ACCOUNT - Firearm Restorations: What is The Correct Approach? Case Study: Japanese Arisaka

When it comes to collectible firearms, there are two type of collectors.

There are those who preserve firearms for their original condition, as a pristine historical object; they are called "historical collectors". These collectors are included in the Italian school of thinking - which also includes pottery collectors, architecture restorers, porcelain doll collectors, car collectors, stamp collectors, and any other type of collectors who collect items that draw their value from having been preserved in an outstanding original condition. Matching serial numbers, the firearm not having been fired, the pristine condition of wood and metal, no intervention on the firearm (like restorations, parts replacements), are all prized and increase the historical value of the firearm for these collectors.

The other category of collectors are the ones affiliated to the German school of thinking - these are the so-called "typology collectors" who value items based on the design itself.


The Work Behind The Scenes

THE GUN MAKER'S GUIDE - A Quick Guide To Understanding Gunsmithing Prices and Second Hand Firearms

The quotes that are provided by a gunsmithing shop are usually based on the gunsmith’s experience and careful tracking of how much time he *usually* spends on similar projects. For instance, after cleaning a few hundred rifles, a gunsmith is able to estimate what the cost for cleaning a rifle in average condition is. The rates are hourly, and the quotes are usually based on how many hours it takes to complete a project like yours on another similar firearm, in average condition. A “firearm in average condition” is a firearm that is at least field strip cleaned regularly, with no residue left inside the action to harden, and with no rust or pitting.

A firearm purchased second hand, at 1/3 market value.


The News

NEWS FROM BRUBAKER ARMS SHOP - Perfected Traditional Colt Bluing Processes at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing

Mid last year we have wrapped up almost 13 years of trial an error in re-creating the traditional Colt Bluing processes. It's been a long - and expensive! - journey. There are only 5 pages of documented technical information available pertaining to how exactly Colt was bluing his firearms, in order to obtain the distinctively clear blue color. We now offer this special charcoal bluing procedure which closely matches - or, as closely as document doubly possible – Colt’s process for their charcoal bluing. This type of bluing requires cooking all of the parts in the kiln or furnace with a particular type of charcoal and primer which is a type of oil and charcoal mix. This carbonizes and oxidizes the metal at the same time, which is what gives it that blue-black finish. As far as we're aware, Brubaker Arms Manufacturing is the only firearms facility that offers authentic Colt style charcoal bluing. There are a number of other shops that offer a more-blue-than black-hot salt bluing, but the Colt bluing is not a blue black, it's black and blue at the same time - it is hard to describe, but once you see it you recognize it. There is nothing like it. Below, one of the many Colt blued pistols refinished at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing. This pistol was polished to 400 before getting the Colt charcoal bluing finish. No Photoshop on that blue!


The Seasons

GUN MAINTENANCE CALENDAR - What Gun Maintenance Work Should be Done in Spring?


SPRING TURKEY GEAR - Drop in your shotgun before March 1st


ELK GEAR - Drop in your rifle between January - April

BLACK BEAR - Drop in your rifle between January - April

MOUNTAIN GOAT - Drop in your rifle between January - April

SMALL GAME - Drop in your rifle between March - April

UPLAND BIRD - Drop in your rifle between February - April

COUGAR - Drop in your rifle between April - May

DEER - Drop in your rifle between January - April

BIG HORN - Drop in your rifle between January - April

GOOSE - Drop in your rifle between March - April

MOOSE - Drop in your rifle between January - April

DUCK - Drop in your rifle between January - April BEST PRACTICES: Give your gunsmith enough time to work on your firearm. This prevents you from incurring rush fees. Usually, for general maintenance, a quick turnaround time is 4 weeks, an average turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.

PRE-HUNTING MAINTENANCE: Drop off your firearm to your gunsmith 8 weeks before hunting season begins / hunting trip departure. If the firearm is new remember that you will need some time to break it in before leaving.

POST-HUNTING MAINTENANCE: Drop off your firearm to your gunsmith as soon as you are back from your hunting trip. It is best not to postpone cleaning & basic maintenance till next season. Cleaning and malfunctions will be easier to address right after you notice them and they are fresh in your mind.



Some maintenance projects can be quoted online. If you are looking to get a quote, simply fill in this for and we will be in touch soon!


Looking to invest in a special firearm? Let's explore the best options! Service available for conversions and specialty gun work.


Pulling the trigger on a special build? Contact us for your custom classic sporting firearm needs.


Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC

2107 E Mead Avenue, 98903, Yakima

Contact 509-367-6614 (This phone number is a landline. Please do not text this number.)


WALK-INS: Monday - Thursday 10am-7pm APPOINTMENTS ONLY: Fridays 10am-7pm


Mar 25, 2023

Wow! Wonderful newsletter! The vids and articles have brought your business to an ever higher level. The guy from the Washington collectors assoc, speaks volumes in that he chose you to do the work. The head article on the restoration of the Swiss Vetterli, and the story of the owner was beautiful.

Mar 28, 2023
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Thank you!

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