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W.R. PAPE 20GA SxS Restoration and Gun Fitting - Part 2

Hi, this is Bryan at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing. We're doing a short update on our Pape 20 GA SxS restoration.

We have here the buttstock which has been cut to appropriate length for our customer’s length of pull. Once we install the leather covered recoil pad, it will have the requested length of pull.

The stock is in the process of getting finished. So we have whitened it a number of times. Whitening is a compound that's used to soak up the old oil and dirt that has seeped into the wood pores, primarily around where the metal meets the wood. We have whitened it up, gotten the grime out of it, steamed it and did a little bit of sanding cleanup to the stock, followed by staining and we're building up the oil finish. We’re at 10 coats of oil now, so we're about ready to start knocking it down to build it up again - because that's what it takes for a nice oil finish.

The checkering is nicely protected by the painter’s tape so it doesn't have to get entirely recut - we'll just be able to clean up. We cover it so it doesn't get filled with all the gunk from the finish, as we clean up and re-coat the stock.

We got our little splinter forend here as well; it has been nicely matched to the color of the stock.

The barrels here are have been polished to 400. We have a final little bit of cleaning up around the engraving on the lettering before getting them into the rust bluing cabinet.

We are just about done with this project, as we're moving into the final stages. Stay tuned to see the rest! In our next video we will share with you the final result of this shotgun restoration and fitting project!

Watch part 1 here: Get the update on the W.R.Pape Restoration and Fitting – How it’s made, at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC:

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