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We are happy to offer Free Training for the Firearm community

A Girl's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse - and how to save your husband

(... in case your girlfriend / wife complains about your firearm budget...)

This course is a series of 4 sessions addressing socialism in Romania: how it all started, how did it manifest, how was it fought off by a handful of unarmed and starving people.


Drawing from general history and personal experience, author Ligia Brubaker details past zombie outbreaks and reveals clues to the coming infestation.

Learn how to protect your mind, heart, spirit and body when surrounded by mindless consumption and wanton waste.

Those who have heard Ligia speaking in the past know that she grew up under a totalitarian regime. She has a lot to say about the mechanism and the outcome of it.

This FREE course is especially designed for ladies, but gents are also welcome to attend.


(... in case you don't trust Facebook for gun questions...)

My name is Bryan Brubaker. I am the owner of Brubaker Arms Manufacturing and I want to help you know your firearm so I am setting aside 30 minutes every Wednesday morning 8-8.30, for a live Q & A session.

We are a GUNSMITHING SHOP with manufacturing capabilities, which means we can talk very customized projects; we can talk about guns made from scratch and obsolete collectibles, black guns and 80% - anything you find interesting. I will also share with you the projects that I am passionate about and the new builds that we put together for our select clientele.

Join me and my crew live on my Facebook page every Wednesday 8-8.30am, as I offer free gunsmithing advice and answer your questions.

Just a reminder: these live Q&A sessions are not for DIY advice. Me and my team, we do not recommend DIY when it comes to firearm work, and do not share trade secrets which might endanger your life. The consequences of injury provoked by firearm negligence can be extreme.


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