Please read through carefully. By placing an order with us, you accept our terms and conditions.
It is your responsibility to make sure you are informed about our terms and conditions.
If you do not understand the terms and conditions of this contract, please ask for clarifications before signing the work order.

Emergency Respondents (LEO, Firelighters, Ambulance, Veterans), get 5% off. Thank you for your service!

We provide custom jobs. An estimation of the job cost will be provided based on the patron’s specific job requirements and the condition of the firearm. The same hourly rate applies regardless of the complexity of the work required. We are often requested to estimate the amount of fees and costs likely to be incurred in connection with a particular project. Whenever possible we will furnish such an estimate based upon our professional judgment, but always with a clear understanding that the estimate is not a maximum or fixed fee quotation.
The ultimate charges may be more or less than the amount estimated.

Shop minimum job is $65. Shop hourly rate is $65, charged every 30 minutes after the first hour. Machining hourly rate is $110, charged every 30 minutes after the first hour. Approximate prices for standard jobs can be found on our website under the "PRICES" tab. Firearms that need to be logged in and sent to the gunsmith for work will be subject to a one hour minimum bill. Our prices are non-negotiable.


We strongly recommend that patrons do NOT to take their firearms apart or do any maintenance work unless they know how to do it properly. Figuring out what parts have been misplaced or lost or have not been installed properly TAKES TIME.
We charge $105 fee for any gun that comes in parts.

Firearm MUST be dropped complete, including magazine. We do not provide any service on any firearm that is not dropped complete, with the exception of historical firearms that might be incomplete due to their age / history.


For all jobs sent in by mail or delivered in person, a Work Order and Contract are required.
Work Orders can be filled online at: https://form.jotform.com/201266883921055

We do not take in any jobs that come without a completely filled in Work Order form or a signed Contract. The software automatically sends both to us and our customers a copy of what they submit, to avoid miscommunications. Any further communication with us, after the Work Order has been submitted and the Contract had been signed, is made in writing via the office at: ligia@brubakerarms.com We do not discuss job requests or quotes over the phone.

If upon working on your project we discover hidden faults with the firearm’s functioning, shop hourly charge will apply. However, before billing, we get in touch with you and provide the information needed in order to make a decision. AR “home-builds” (and other home builds) may include additional expenses for correcting faulty previous work, for example loctiting flash-hiders, barrel nuts, etc.

We do not keep exchange parts on hand. We only order replacement parts once the firearm is in our possession. Our service charge is 15% for any orders over $100, and $15 for all orders under $100. You may provide the replacement parts but if the parts provided by you do not match the firearm, the shop hourly rate applies to the time invested in trying to work with the wrong part provided. To avoid unpleasant situations, only provide replacement parts if you know exactly what parts fit your firearm.

If you do not provide ammo, we will not test the function of your firearm, unless strictly necessary, in which case we will charge $5 / round.
We do not accept reloaded ammo, no exceptions.

It is your responsibility to explicitly declare if there are any aftermarket parts installed on the firearm or if there is a particular type of ammo that is not safe to shoot / that should be used exclusively with the firearm. In case no mention is made, our company will not be held liable for any damage occurred to the firearm due to lack of information. The owner of the firearm will be held liable for any and all accidents or injuries caused by providing insufficient information about the firearm.

Our turn-around time depends on the season and / or if parts need to be ordered.
During hunting / busy seasons our turn-around times are longer. Please plan ahead for the hunting season.

We address projects in the order they arrive in the shop. Depending on the seasons, sometimes we are able to offer expedited turnaround times; please contact us if you would like to have an expedited job done, and if we can accommodate your request we will gladly do so.


Payment: 50% of quote due at drop off. Remainder of quote and any additional expenses incurred due at pick-up. We take check, Pay-Pal, credit / debit card, phone payment or cash, however, we encourage our customers to pay with cash or check. For Pay Pal or credit / debit card via Square or phone payment, there is an additional 5% transfer fee. Firearms will be released when the total cost of the job (and shipping, when it applies) is paid in full.

All projects MUST be dropped off and picked up by the owner of the firearm. Drop-offs of pick-ups for family or friends are not accepted. (In the state of Washington, it is illegal for firearm owners to borrow their firearms to friends or family.) We only release the firearm to the patrons who dropped off the firearm. In case the owner of the firearm passes away, we will release the firearm to the executor of the will / estate, in accordance with the Washington State and ATF laws and regulations.

All work MUST be picked up within 10 business days from receiving the pick-up notice.
After 10 days from notice storage fee will be charged, at the rate of $5/day, starting from the date of notification.

Failure to pick up the firearm OR make arrangements for pickup within 30 days from notice will automatically result in the transfer of the firearm ownership from the client to Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC. Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC will become the only legal owner of the firearm. This contract is legally binding and all ownership rights are waived by customer, shall the customer fail to pick up the firearm OR make arrangements for pickup. Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC will gain full legal ownership rights, such as but not limited to, using the firearm, selling the firearm to recover labor and / or parts costs, etc.

We require 24 hour booking and / or cancellation notice. Our company is practicing the "straight-fee" for no-shows.
Missed appointments will not be reimbursed the $35 booking fee.
When honoring your appointment, the $35 will be transferred towards the final bill, so your appointment will be free of any charge.

We keep a video and photographic record of all our projects.
By leaving your project with us, you give us permission to use the pictures / videos for advertising and education purposes.

We do not release firearms that do not pass the safety test. In case the firearm is not safe to carry or shoot, or has any other safety issues, we will let you know and provide the appropriate service so you can shoot / carry the firearm safely, and will charge the service according to the labor rendered. We are required by law not to release your firearms until they are perfectly safe. No exceptions will be made.

We prefer to do jobs start to finish. In case we do not have the opportunity to do the jobs start to finish, but parts of the jobs are done by
owners / gun enthusiasts, we do not take any kind of responsibility for the quality of the project.
Customers who work on their firearms (including maintenance cleaning, assembly, disassembly, parts change, etc.) wave any legal right to complain about the quality of the work. If any customer, resident of WA state or any other state, decides to start legal action against us,
they will support all our attorney fees, court costs and lost wages of the shop.

We ask all our customers to verify the functionality of the service we provided within one week from picking up the firearm.
If there are any concerns about the service provided expressed within one week from pick-up, we will address the issues at our expense.
Any concerns expressed after one week from picking up the firearm will be addressed at our shop’s regular rates.

Information about projects older than 7 days are kept in our archive and are available to the owner of the firearm exclusively. A research fee of $10.00 per half hour will be charged for research conducted by our staff, including a minimum fee of $35.00 for the first hour.

It is the customer’s responsibility to pack the firearms well, when shipping them to our shop.
We do not take any responsibility for parcels that have not been packed by us. By default, we ship out parcels in appropriate packaging according to ATF regulations and we insure the parcels for the value of the labor we provided.
Please let us know if you would like us to insure your parcel for a higher value than our labor.


As skilled trade professionals, we presume our clients to have a good working knowledge of the firearms they bring us. We provide information about our services and the minimum legally required firearm safety information, but we do not provide legal counsel or firearms training.

We reserve the right to refuse services to patrons who are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. Smoking, cussing/rudeness and drinking are categorically prohibited on the premises of our facility.

We recognize that a firearm manufacturing facility has a special allure for people who enjoy machinery and firearms.
At the same time, as a commercial facility regulated by ATF, the machine shop is not open for visits.
The areas where the public has access are limited to the parking lot and the office, no exceptions.

FFL licenses are released exclusively for one physical location.
We cannot do any kind of gun-work or assessment at any other location than our facility.

As a federally licensed firearm business, under federal law, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Being rude, raising the voice or cursing at the staff will immediately result in a doubling of the bill.

No soliciting of our clientele for private purchases, trades and sales is accepted on our premises.

Typically, we do not work on BB guns, pellet guns, air rifles, etc. 
Depending on the nature of the work requested, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the manager. Shop hourly rates apply.

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