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General Repairs

No matter how bad your stock is,
Brubaker Arms can fix it.
Often times refinishing will not even be necessary.


Everything takes abuse from time to time - especially hunting rifles! We strip that baby down to bare...wood, give her a judicious steam treatment to ease those dents and dings, then repeatedly apply our deep penetrating special compound making the stock atmospherically inert.  Multiple hand rubs with top quality oils finishes her off and puts her in better shape than you've ever seen!


Weatherby Refinishing

Weatherby's stock finish is tough to scratch, tough to take off.  
At Brubaker Arms we scrape off all the worn finish, down to bare wood, raise any dings and seal all the pores.  We clear coat spray the stock, finish sanding and predict another 30 years of use.


Custom Stock and Full Firearm Restoration of a Perazzi MX8 at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing,

One-to-one press fit inletting with a 10 mil barrel freefloat.  
All metal parts inletted and sealed. Pillar bedding optional but highly recommended to eliminate crush potential.

Brubaker Arms inletting is a one-to-one press fit from the chamber to the end of the rear tang of the action and bottom metal.  The barrel is freefloated 10mils.  All inletting is CA-impregnated and glass-bedded to make the stock atmospherically inert and insure zero potential for movement between stock and action.  Stock is pillar bedded to eliminate any possibility of crush during reassembly.

We offer:
One-to-one Stock Duplication (i
ncludes bedding action to pattern and duplicator machine work).

Fully inlet One-to-one Stock Duplication, press fit bedded action (includes bedding stock to pattern, machining, final hand inletting, pillaring and bedding action to stock).


In addition to action bedding, we also provide inletting for all metalwork:​ Skeletonized Grip Cap, Skeletonized Buttplate, Steel Buttplate, Trap Grip Cap, Trap Buttplate, Sling Swivel Bases, Escutcheons, Medallion for Monograph. 

Complete Stockmaking
Brubaker Arms produces pristine,top quality stock sculpting.Slim profiles and sharp lines combined with perfect pointability and balance make firearms stocked by Brubaker Armsas easy on the shoulder as they are on the eyes.

Brubaker Arms produces top quality custom bespoke rifle and shotgun stocks in beautiful Turkish and American (Black) Walnut.  We start with a consultative conversation, determining your needs and wants, then, operating within those parameters, we procure the best stock blank available.  Once the metal work is done, a pattern is made to your personal measurements.  This pattern allows for any additional alterations that may be made.  All of the metal of your firearm is then inletted and bedded to the pattern.  Once the pattern is complete, it joins your stock blank in the duplicator, with which we produce a near one-to-one fit.  A final few thousandths of inletting by hand is usually all that is necessary after our duplicating is finished. The same goes for the outside of your stock: A final touching up with hand files, followed by sanding, sanding, and more sanding to create flawless flowing lines, graceful in appearance and pointability, with an inherent urge to act,
like a cougar poised to pounce - elegant in its simplicity, pure in form.

  There are myriad options available with custom stock work; embellishments that bolster desirable characteristics as well as enhancing elegance, and there is always more than one way to arrive at an intended purpose.

Checkering and Re-cutting Checkering

Checkering originated as a way to provide extra grip, and allowed stock-makers the opportunity to get creative. Brubaker Arms offers traditional, hand-cut checkering. Our checkerings improve grip and give the stock the classy look.Traditional patterns available, or have one designed specifically for your stock.  We also re-cut worn checkering, if your favorite gun is getting worn out, or you just want the beauty brought back.

From client-provided patterns to individually designed wrap-arounds with fleurs and ribbons, checkering by Brubaker Arms adds additional elements of elegance and class as well as functionality.  

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