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  Brubaker Arms produces top quality custom bespoke rifle and shotgun stocks in beautiful Turkish and American (Black) Walnut.  We start with a consultative conversation, determining your needs and wants, then, operating within those parameters, we procure the best stock blank available.  Once the metal work is done, a pattern is made to your personal measurements.  This pattern allows for any additional alterations that may be made.  All of the metal of your firearm is then inletted and bedded to the pattern.  Once the pattern is complete, it joins your stock blank in the duplicator, with which we produce a near one-to-one fit.  A final few thousandths of inletting by hand is usually all that is necessary after our duplicating is finished. The same goes for the outside of your stock: A final touching up with hand files, followed by sanding, sanding, and more sanding to create flawless flowing lines, graceful in appearance and pointability, with an inherent urge to act,
like a cougar poised to pounce - elegant in its simplicity, pure in form.


  There are myriad options available with custom stock work; embellishments that bolster desirable characteristics as well as enhancing elegance, and there is always more than one way to arrive at an intended purpose.



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