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WA State’s Kairos: Chief Loren Culp for Governor - by Ligia Brubaker

Chief Culp

Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment. The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. The former refers to chronological or sequential time, while the latter signifies a proper or opportune time for action.

In 2016, when Trump won the elections, a new era opened up for U.S.A. An era of recovery and coming back to some basic common sense that had been left behind by an abortive, reckless handful of people with black hearts the incline towards socialism. Almost 35 years ago, when my Romanian family flee for its life and crossed the ocean to ask political asylum from the U.S., they were granted the opportunity to stay here, provided they learned the language, respected the law, immigrated legally and became productive members of the society. In a time of starvation in Romania, the republican spirit of “one nation under God” of genuine American society multiplied its values in the hearts of legal, honest immigrants. And that was fantastic. It was what immigration for political reasons was designed to be. But somehow, the knowledge of what starvation means, what boundaries mean and what immigration should be and how it should be done, has been mudded up by a cloud of dark minds that have immigrated from Germany and other philosophically obscure corners of Europe. The all-American America has been cast in darkness, and a new beast tries to make its way out of tyrannical socialist minds: The Socialist Republic of America.

But when one bold person steps out and stands in the gap, others will follow. Trump was the first to take a step out, and oh!, he did pay. A personal price, a financial price. Not once, but ongoing. He is not perfect but elections have never been about finding the perfect person; they have been about keeping Truth in the light and keeping the absolute moral values at the same level, so that there would be a good legacy to pass on to our children. Absolute moral values are what this dark beast of socialism is all against. With Trump, it was for the first time that I saw Americans going to vote FOR someone instead voting the lesser evil AGAINST some greater evil.

What does Culp have to do with Trump? Well, Trump was first. Federally, the most important piece of the puzzle has unlocked the strongholds that the former president managed to build in order to destroy America. Instead building walls around our beloved U.S., Obama built walls inside it and divided the nation. He thought he will change the face of America forever; and he did. But not in the way he thought or hope he would. America is now awake. When evil overplays its hand, good people notice it and stand up. Through Obama, socialism overplayed its hand. And good people noticed and elected Trump.

In WA state the value of human life is dropping rapidly. Our rights, the Constitution, healthy competition, absolute moral values, are being destroyed.

But now Culp stands up too. Because he is a man and a defender. And he sees that there are serious issues in this society. His tag line, “send common sense to Olympia”, recognizes that there is no more common sense. And there isn’t. What Olympia is now is a nest of vipers and spiders that are building around us a warm invisible cocoon, that enables Yakima to be the leading center in WA state for prostitution and be among the federal leaders in STD’s and illegal immigration and anchor babies. But Culp is a man who was raised to be a man and put himself in the gap and get off his chair and do something about it. Just like Trump did.

Election fraud? Of course, I have no doubts we will deal with it. However, there is more in this game than the efficiency of a rigged, vile system. There are a few components that need to align and fall in place, and then, the tables will be overturned:

First, there IS a God who blesses what is good an opposes the proud and the evil; and He is ready to bless and he cannot be mocked by anyone. If He allows evil rulers over us, it’s because we are too lazy to go to cast or votes. And we deserve what we get. Second, there is now one person who is willing to make the same type of sacrifice that Trump made and place himself in the gap; his name is Loren Culp; so far we didn’t have anyone as brave and as decided to step up. Now we do and we have to make this matter! Third, there are voters who need to actually vote and make a point out of voting. The question is, are these voters asleep or awake?

When one good person stands up and every single person who is good does everything he can to support him, tables WILL turn. They HAVE to. It has been done before and it can be done again, and it WILL be done again, sooner or later. But are we going to be the generation that will understand that THIS IS WAR, even if cold? – Or are we going to let things get hot and watch our kids die by sword or abortion? Because, let’s face it, this IS it! This IS the end of the pit, and things have gone so far down and absolute moral values have been so long forgotten that there’s not a whole lot left for the final stroke. Remember, the left has no issues with thinking in terms of “anyone who doesn’t agree should be placed out in a colony”, as I have mentioned in the article written a while ago.

We should all fear evil men. But what we should fear more is good men who do nothing. As a woman, I URGE you, men of WA state, to step up and turn back to what being a man and a leader means. I had a strong, loving, steady father figure in my life; I KNOW good men exist, strong men with loud voices and powerful spirits! This is a call out to all of you! You need to put on your boots and arm yourselves with the Truth and get your hands dirty. Because this election is on us, on “we the people”, it cannot be blamed anymore on a lack of good candidates. It is US, we are doing or undoing this election. This time we don’t have any excuse.

If you want to use the rigged system as an excuse for not getting busy or the numbers that are in Seattle as an excuse for not voting and for not promoting Culp, you are a coward. We all asked for a good candidate and we all cried that there’s no one to stand in the gap. Now God brought forth a man who rises from among us, with real life experience, a humble man who loves this state and shares in the genuine spirit of being an authentic American.

THIS IS THE KAIROS TIME. THIS IS WHEN THINGS CAN CHANGE. And they MUST change, because otherwise, the further we go down the path of socialism, the harder it will be to come back! Open your mouth, open your wallet, make room in your schedule and cast your vote. Talk to your family and friends. Make a list of people who you want to talk to, take them one by one and talk to them. DO EVERYTHING OR SHUT UP FOREVER and accept the savage beast of socialism as your lover, till YOUR death will do you apart; because NOW, when you have the chance to kill it, you choose not to. This is SERIOUS. Kill socialism or socialism will kill you – and I KNOW that because I grew up in the land where socialism was literally killing people!

The reason why us, conservatives NEVER do anything and never win anything is because we are boxed by this sick twisted mental frame that says that: 1. The ones counting the votes are against us and the system is rigged. 2. There are not enough of us. 3. We don’t have good candidates. Well, what if for once we stop being the victims that the democrats have convinced us that we are and actually start exercising the power that we have, as limited as it is? There is always something, even if it’s super tiny, that we can change and better and address and impact. What if we stop having this ghetto mentality that we will never get out of here? Isn’t this how any group of people is being “tamed”? Isn’t it this how we convinced the backs that they have no hope and that what they need to do is an abortion and petty crimes to get by, because they won’t get out of the system ever? Isn’t this what they are telling us as well, when they tell us that our votes don’t matter? What if small business owners start being involved in politics, just like the big corporations are, in fact, involved in politics, and start talking without being afraid that they’ll lose customers? What if we start putting values over comfort, just like our grandparents did, and start using our ability to change whatever it is that we can change? What if we stop sitting on our asses and commenting on Facebook how unrealistically it is to dream to win elections? What if we stop being a bunch of wussies who are easily intimidated and actually start striking back? Is this still Washington state, or is it Wussington state? What if we start to behave with dignity instead with victim-hood and we grow a spine and… some balls?

God strengthen you, WA, because you need it! The battle has been on for decades, but now it intensifies and it reaches its climax. It’s time to wake up, chose a side and do the work. Everything that you do matters. Even if Culp will not win, what you do, spreading flyers and exposing this republican capitalist American philosophy and lifestyle to the young ones MATTERS. WA STRIKES BACK I-1639 mattered and it still matters, SILENTNOMORE mattered and matters, every single effort matters. We CAN do this. WE CAN. No one says it will be easy, it’s a battle! For crying out loud, if a BATTLE is not hard, what on Earth IS hard? It’s a battle, of course it’s hard and of course it’s not fair! But that’s not a reason to not fight a battle, it’s a reason to grow extra pair of balls, be extra smart and extra determined.

If you don’t want to win a hard battle, don’t even get on the field. Just run away to Montana or Idaho. But never forget, it is the rats that leave the sinking ship first. And I will stand here and fight like a man, even if I am a woman. Because I had enough. To support Chief Culp, please visit his webpage: And his fan support page at:

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