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To Protect and Serve… - by Cope Reynolds

Right is wrong, black is white, up is down and left is right. The world has gone completely mad. No one seems to know the difference between good and evil anymore. We don’t know whether to shake hands or bump elbows. Will saying “Yes Ma’am” set her off in a screaming tirade about sexism? Will telling your male co-worker that he looks handsome today get you sent to HR? Can we not even compliment or fellow man anymore without fear of some kind of backlash? Of course, I guess we knew it was coming at some point.

And so it is with our judicial system. Good, honest cops are being written up or fired for doing the right thing and trying to make a difference. Corrupt, brutal cops are being exonerated for things that would put the average citizen in jail for years. Judges are not abiding by their oaths and are letting their political or personal opinions contaminate their judgement.

Atlanta cops are walking off the job in support of one of their own who was not only fired but charged with 11 different counts for protecting himself and his partner against an apparently inebriated, violent felon who had obtained the officer’s taser and was attempting to deploy it against him. Was the officer even aware that his taser had been taken during the initial struggle to arrest the man? Does a taser not look like a gun? Under those conditions, do you think you could tell the difference?

I don't blame them for walking off! In fact, I wish every cop in the country would just go home for a few days leaving only enough personnel to guard the taxpayer's property. Does that sound extreme? Your damned right it does! These are extreme times. You think that would be playing into the hands of Antifa and BLM? Maybe, maybe not. With no cops on the job, who do you think will be protecting our communities? BY DAMNED, WE WILL! Let me assure you that this crap would come to a screeching halt most riki-tik!

What about the crooked, corrupt attorneys general, the biased, crooked judges and the other scum of the earth that turn violent criminals loose on the streets and prosecute innocent cops that are doing the best they can with what they have to work with? Who's to protect them if all the cops walk off the job? Honestly, who cares? Who in the hell cares? Let every LEO in the country walk off the job for a week or so and I'll guaran-damned-tee you there would be an abrupt and dramatic change to the way things are done in this country.

Of course, the consequences of such a walk-out would be far-reaching. Other 1st Responders that depend on LE support would feel it. School resource officers, banks, airports, malls, courtrooms and government buildings. Would it cost us? Bet your ass it would. It will affect many aspects of our lives. But what's it costing us now? What's it costing the taxpayers to repair the monuments and cemeteries that Antifa and BLM are destroying while the cops are being told to stand down and let the wild animals work out their frustration? Why are we letting them destroy American history? Good or bad, its OUR history!

What did Ferguson cost the taxpayers? Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc, etc? Over and over and over and over! What does it cost the taxpayers to continue to care for illegals? What does it continue to cost taxpayers to ship illegals back home or fix all the stuff they tear up? Why is the working class paying for the healthcare of the welfare recipients? Why did the taxpayers make enormous cash payments to other countries for irrelevant, non-defense related things?

Ladies and gentlemen in blue, go home. Turn your phones off and get some rest.

To the rest of you, it's called a "wake-up call". Let's see how fast and how many come crawling on their hands and knees, begging the under-appreciated, underpaid sheepdogs to restore order to what's left of our country.

To the ones that say you don't need the cops and you can take care of yourself, yeah, we'll see. Remember that everyone is not like you and that's probably a good thing.

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