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Support for Chief Culp: Got Grit? - by Ligia Brubaker

We are living during the most exciting time in the United States, politically speaking. Never in the history of the world before now has the Giant U.S.A. been on the very verge of drifting into a deep socialism. For a very long while now we have not had any heroes, any men to stand up for this “one nation under God” that we say we love.

But there is one moment in history, one time, when something as small as the launching of a short, on-topic book, can re-write the history of an entire nation. A tiny drop in a big ocean can turn giant tides and change the world’s history.

The current Washington State’s leadership has been trying REALLY hard – especially in the last few years – to make Washington State the touching point between left and right. Unfair games, rigged elections, we all suspect what the games are. They have been proven over and over again. And we keep losing at them, for two reasons:

1. Because we play fare and they play dirty. (And that is on them.) 2. Because we don’t support financially our candidates. (And THIS ONE is on us!)

Granted, so far, we didn’t really have any candidate to support without doubts. But now we do. And if you don’t believe me when I say that we actually don’t put our money where our mouths are, this is a proof:

The picture that you see above shows just how much we are willing to spend to support people who we believe in. The WEST is leading because the EAST IS NOT GIVING MONEY. Not becaue they are many or because they are rotten, but because WE DON'T SUPPORT FINANCIALLY OUR CANDIDATES!!!

Listen, Washington: in the context where the victim can chose to leave, it is never only the abuser’s fault that abuse is happening. If you feel abused by Olympia, you are right to feel that way. In fact, if you don’t feel abused by Olympia, there’s something not right with you. You need a reality check. Because Olympia has become the catalyst of everything that is wrong, gross, disgusting and tyrannical. And we need to get writ of it, we need to use EVERYTHING that we have in order to put a cap on it and make it back to economical safety. We need to stop the madness. It is NEVER the abuser only that is at fault for abuse, if the victim has a choice. And 99% of the times, there IS a choice, it is only in the victim's head that there isn't a choice!

The numbers are like this: according to the average statistics, we will need 5 millions to make this happen. 5 millions is NOT a lot. I challenge any single person who wants Chief Culp to win, who is living in a country where “being poor” means actually living better than 2/3rds of the world, to stop this non-sense and wake up. 50 millions means that we need 100,000 people to give $50. Are you telling me that we can’t raise up 100,000 people to give a stinky $50 towards this campaign??? REALLY???

If we say that we don’t have $50 to give for this campaign and at the same time we complain about Olympia being over the top, that is just ridiculous. Last elections there were 1.8 millions people who voted republican in WA state. If EVERYONE gives $50, nothing more, we put this man in office beyond any doubt. That’s all we need to do to send common sense to Olympia: 50 bucks / head. 50 bucks is what costs you to get writ of Inslee and the absolutely waked mad house of Olympia.

And let me be blunt, as I have NEVER asked for money for anyone from anyone and I am not refined and I don’t know how to say this in a way that tickles anyone’s ego (nor do I intend to): If you say that you don’t have $50, you are a liar. There is absolutely no excuse, no reason, why someone who wants Chief Culp in the office should not send $50 towards this campaign.

It’s not about numbers, people, it’s about GRIT. Do YOU have GRIT? Because if you do, throw in those $50 and start singing to your neighbors about this election and our candidate, because the battle is on.

So, me and my husband, we’ll get some grit and start the list.

As you know, we have two main businesses: Brubaker Arms (our gunsmithing shop that has been our sole source of income since 2013) and 1911bakery.

This is the decision that we took as business owners: 1. Brubaker Arms: from this point on, every single job that comes in the gunsmithing shop until the day the campaign is done will support Chief Culp. 5% of our income goes straight to him. 2. 1911bakery: ALL income that comes from selling the “Campaign Hamper” will go to Chief Culp for his campaign. So stop buying your cake at Walmart and in other stores, and get a Campaign Hamper when you want to eat something sweet.

You see, I left Europe behind with my license in architecture; I am not qualified to do any type of work here in the U.S.. My 16 years of studies and post-university studies mean absolutely nothing here. I have a funny accent in English and I am not the best communicator. I am a first generation immigrant who has survived socialism and came to the States without any financial support. But boy, I can bake. And if I have to feed the entire state of Washington with my cake to get this man in office, I will turn y’all into fatties and see Chief Culp taking common sense to Olympia on a road paved with cupcakes and buttercream. Because that is what I can do for the cause. And because I’VE GOT GRIT, BABY! And I bet YOU do too, if you just open your eyes to see it! This movement needs to gather momentum!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever you are, YOU can help this man get into office and change things! Just give him the money to get the job done and fill your tummy with yummy cake in the meanwhile, will you? Let’s be people of action, guys! More action, less words.

My goal with the bakery is get 1,000 people (and then some) to buy a Campaign Hamper each and give $50 to Chief Culp (+ cover my expense but I am donating my labor). We all want signs for our yards and ask for answers and text the Chief, but he still has a job that he needs to attend to and we are all up against massive money from people in Seattle who, as democrats as they are, they actually GIVE MONEY. If we don’t GIVE money but we all want signs for our yards, that’s just not going to work. Open your wallet. Get a Campaign Hamper. It’s time to get some grit and some cake! We all can spare $50 for cake, we all have $50!


What does a Campaign Hamper contain?

- apple cake x 2 - banana bread x 2 - carrot cake x 2 - knock-out cake (chocolate and coconut) x 2 - lemon poppy seed cake x 2 - bacon root beer cake x 2 Price: $50. Everything on top of the expenses will goes straight to Chief Culp’s campaign. I keep nothing for labor, ingredients costs only. So get two hampers.

How to order? Text me your name and order at 405-501-8135 or contact me via Facebook, write it below, send an e-mail at or a message via our bakery Facebook page. Just get a hold of me somehow.

All other orders: If you order a cake other than the Campaign Hamper, you’ll still send 5% to Chief Culp from that order as well. Is your kid getting married? This is how you help both them and the Chief. Just order it with me and your money are flowing straight towards his campaign.

Pick-up: Pick them up at our bakery on East Mead at 9 am the Saturday following the week when you placed the order. I will not do deliveries. Availability:

I will have 10 hampers available every weekend, starting with Saturday 3rd August 2019. I honestly expect to see have a list of 10 people who want to buy at least one hamper in the following 5 minutes.

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