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Reflections on Virginia - by Jacob Wasemiller

We had a peaceful rally in Virginia. The final estimates were anywhere from 25,000 to 65,000 armed patriots stood in Virginia today in defense of the 2nd amendment.

Not one shot was fired, not one person arrested (although there were some arrests the week prior of some democrat socialist Nazis that were going to cause violence), not one damaged property, no riot police, no skirmishes with counter protestors, and the Patriots even picked up their garbage as they went. This is how you peaceably assemble to redress grievances.

Yet the Democrat controlled mainstream media still attempts to paint these American Patriots in a disgusting light. The articles written about the peaceful rally are absolute jokes. This is exactly the kind of smear tactics that the media in the North used against the South in the years and months leading up to the Civil War. This is what deep state communist controlled media does to their enemies.

Virginia was just the beginning of this battle. It was a great way to emulate the phrase “Talk softly but carry a big stick.” Now we need to see other states rise up and do the same. On the last updates, there are around 20 states seeking to impose the same or similar laws as the ones they seek to impose in Virginia. This cannot be allowed to happen. Patriots and Gun Owners across America need to start taking a more active role in the safeguarding of our God given, constitutionally protected rights. No more sitting on the couch and waiting for someone else to do it, no more walking by petitions at the store because you don’t want to talk politics, no more refusing to vote. I myself am guilty of this sometimes. People need to be more active in their local government and state government. Run for office, attend public meetings, ask questions, publicly call out those who you voted for, question them on how they are going to safeguard your constitutional liberties, and if they won’t then pressure them till they get out or change position. GET INVOLVED!!!!

This is a fight we cannot afford to lose because if we do, we lose our country. The First Amendment was designed in part so I would be able to bring you this message. The 2nd Amendment was designed for when they try to take the 1st and all the others away; and for a long time now they’ve been “gunning” for the 2nd Amendment.

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