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Pro Mandatory Vaccination Gun Owners? No. - by Ligia Brubaker

Lately I have had a number of pro / anti mandatory vax conversations online. Probably the statement that shocked me the most was to hear a 30-ish year old saying that she is not for mandatory vaccination – and I quote - “as long as we don’t allow people who are against mandatory vaccination to walk around freely in the society. I am all for building an anti-vax colony.” - And apparently, this is a consensus that most pro mandatory vaccination supporters are lobbying for. (The most shocking part is when I come across a firearm owner who is so confused that he / she fights for his / her 2A rights and is pro mandatory vaccination, without understanding the unbreakable bond between freedom and firearms.)

I can’t help but remember what someone said recently: “We live in an America today in which if 1/3 of the population would kill another 1/3, the other 1/3 would enjoy watching.” And I remembered socialist Romania. This is where we are, folks, people think it is reasonable to lock down people who oppose an oppressive system. (What have they done to you, America?...)

I am totally against mandatory vaccination based on a few reasons which I will mention below. Each one of these reasons are enough even individually for me to oppose mandatory vaccination, nevertheless all bundled together. (Parts of this post you will probably find in various places on Facebook as well, since I have been talking a lot about it lately...)

First, because this country is a Constitutional Country, it is not a Democracy. In a Democracy, people decide by majority what everyone should do. In a Constitutional country, regardless what the majority wants, it cannot overthrow my right to accept or refuse something. And as far as I am concerned, my issues with forced vaccination have to do primarily with "force", and only after, with "vaccination".

Second, because if there is a seller out there that sells a product and says: "Hey, you know, you cannot sue us regardless what the consequences of you using this product are!" and the govt FORCES me to use that product, there must be a reason WHY they force me to use a product that I cannot hold the seller accountable for and there must be a reason why I cannot hold the seller accountable for. I will simply refuse it, based exclusively on the fact that not only there are no guarantees, but I am limited in the action that I can take in case things go wrong. Any company that has this in their policy is a trap. Just contract a few Californian companies and you will see what happens, how you cannot ever find the guilty one, or if you do, you are legally bound to not pursue them by the contract.

Third, the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. is a business, not a health care provider. Nowhere on this planet are people bombarded with commercials for medicine and food supplements, most of which are not FDA approved (although I have a remark regarding this FDA approval process and criteria as well…). But, to put this in perspective, a Twinkie bar is FDA approved.

I lived for 32 years in Europe, from East to West and traveled across Scandinavia, Africa, Europe. This kind of constant encouragement to consume medical products and the obsessive ads that are meant to terrify the people (like “Are you sure you don’t have diabetes / cancer / hemorrhoids?”) simply don't happen anywhere else in the world. And most illnesses that Americans suffer of are not 1st world countries illnesses, they are ingestion illnesses. Diabetes is an ingestion illness. Alzheimer's is an ingestion illness. Heart attacks, high blood pressure, food allergies, obesity, these are NOT common illnesses in other countries. In countries that lead this world financially, the vast majority of people are actually really thin. What people consider here to be anorexic, anywhere else in the world "could lose a few pounds". That is just how much the reality has been distorted by the pharmaceutical industry. Here, everyone has either diabetes or is allergic to something or is autistic or obese. America is fundamentally sick and it is systematically being medically impaired further.

Not to mention, healthy immigrants who come to the U.S., if they shift to an U.S. diet, within 3 years develop the same issues as the locals. SOMETHING causes this. It is not a geographical thing; there are other people who live in this climate outside the US and they do not have the medical issues that are so prevalent here. This is a political thing; it does have to do with big pharma, industry, money spinning around, what FDA regulates and what it does not regulate, and politics.

Fourth, this whole “it’s not what’s best for me but what’s best for we” idea is absolutely demonic, rooted in hell and taken out of hell and brought among mortals. Because that is what every single genocide and every single oppressive system is based on: the stronger tribe decides what is best for them as a group, and beats the weakest tribe into submission. This is what gang rapes are as well: we, the guys, decide that the woman will do what is best for us, not for her. It is what extreme radical feminism is based on as well, when they target and bring down one man who stands up and says that the group is wrong, by accusing him of sexual misconduct. We’ve seen it happen with Kavanaugh. Now, the mistake that these people (who spit out this sentence without thinking about its consequences) make is that they always assume that they are the “we”. When in fact, that might be their perception only, based on their Facebook interactions on based on how loud the few members of their tribe are. But when their own tribe is not as strong as the other one and they end up alone in a world that goes against their principles, and their imaginary “we” is an actual “me”, boy, are they in for a surprise!

The first four reasons I shared with you are objective and based on common-sense. The fifth is based on personal experience.

I have 2 friends who have had healthy kids vaccinated as infants, and now they are vegetables (one in Italy, one in Romania). One moves the eyes in her head; the other one can move half her body. They have medical proof that this was caused by vaccination and the govt supports them financially with the physiotherapy and other treatments. However, as far as the kids and the families are concerned, there's no amount of money that can compensate for the trauma, pain and health deprivation. Furthermore, I am almost 35 y.o. In my generation, 35 years ago, the vaccines were still not purified enough back in Romania. There is really no saying in what these vaccines will cause on the long run, although serious issues will be caused by unpurified vaccines. I have not been vaccinated, I have survived, and so have all my friends who refused to be vaccinated.

A few side-notes…

Managing an illness is not what my ideal of health is. Preventing and not developing the illness is what health care means to me. You can't prevent an illness by injecting in your body something that you have no idea what effect will have on your body on the long run. We do not have enough independent studies to have any proofs that these vaccines don’t cause illnesses on the long run. What people are referring to when they say that “there is scientific evidence” that vaccines are not causing Autism, is a study released in Denmark conducted on Denmark cohort of kids that have been vaccinated with Denmark products. Makes no sense! First, because there is a 414% increase in vaccines given to U.S. children compared to other countries, including Denmark. In 1950 we gave kids 7 vaccines by the age of 6 in the U.S. But in 2013, if we follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) endorsed annual childhood vaccine schedule, we give over 36 vaccines by the time they are 6 years of age! As opposed to Denmark, where they get 12 (ONLY TWELVE!) by the time they are 6! So, not only we’re dealing with 3 times fewer vaccines in Denmark than in the U.S., but we also deal with way fewer chemical relationships that the bodies need to negotiate between 36 vaccines, as opposed to 12. These complex relationships between these vaccines and how they might influence each other are simply unknown. Based on producer, batch / lot number, order in which they are administrated, number that are administrated together, etc., they might produce side effects that we are completely not aware of. To me, it's just not good enough when the gvt says: "Just trust us. We're doing our best." and when they fail, they say: "Ups! Sorry. Here's some cash for that vegetable kid of yours. Oh and, btw, you can't sue the vaccine company, they are protected by us and are immune to any legal consequences."

Why does this seem right to us?

The only information about vaccines safety that comes from CDC (that I was able to find) says: "Before a vaccine is approved for use in the U.S., it goes through years of careful testing to make sure it is safe and effective Administration (FDA) evaluate the results of these clinical studies. FDA also inspects the sites where vaccines are made to make sure they follow strict manufacturing guidelines. Once a vaccine is licensed, FDA and CDC continue to monitor its use and make sure there are no safety concerns. Like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. In most cases, side effects are mild (e.g., soreness where the shot was given) but go away within a few days. Severe, long-lasting side effects from vaccines are rare."

What really bothers me is that there are no requirements, like a minimum pool of subjects to have the vaccine administrated to, no requirement of a minimum time needed by a developer to develop the product in order to put it out on the market or similar requirements. Which is why there aren't independent studies out there, we still don't have enough people vaccinated to actually know IF there are any chronic (not ACUTE) side-effects.

As a side-note, FDA only deals with acute side effects, not with chronic side effects. In other words, if you eat a cake that has so much sugar in it and it kills you, they will take it off the market; if it kills you after you have 500 servings throughout your life, they don't touch it. (Lack of evidence.) Same thing with vaccines, we don't know yet if the 3rd or 4th generation that is vaccinated will suffer and side-effects. We simply don't know the study to prove this; it does not exist.


If anyone, looking at these facts, decide that they trust the govt and want to have their kids vaccinated, they should have the freedom to do that; if anyone looking at these facts decide that they don’t trust the govt and don’t want to have their children vaccinated, they should have the freedom to do so.

Now, do not get the wrong impression; science and medicine had seriously failed us during the Holocaust (and during socialism in Romania). It is not like we can trust medical scholars and personnel blindly, 100%. Holocaust proved that the doctors are just as quick to forego their HIPPA oath as any other group of specialists who come across an interest that is greater than their ethics. Holocaust started as a big "medical issue". People decided to send all those who were "medically unfit" to be forcefully sterilized. "Medically unfit" included "the feeble minded". And the issue with this “feeble minded” law is that this is a very broad term that can be interpreted very loosely – and it was interpreted very loosely! (Just like the modern abortion laws that agree with abortion for anyone who deems the pregnancy “unfeasible”. These are simply not legal terms, because they don’t define anything by themselves.) Eventually, in the last stages of the German madness, they concluded that all Jews were "unfit", for MEDICAL REASONS. It didn't start with the Jews, it ended with them. Auschwitz was not "Jews only". There were Polish, there were Hungarians (fewer than Jews, granted, but there were a number of them), anyone who happened not to accept the program and anyone who was found to be genetically unfit. Under such policy, anyone who nowadays would not accept the mandatory vaccination could easily be deemed “feeble minded” or “genetically unfit”.

As someone who lived under a socialist regime (and has a very tiny percentage of Jewish blood), I recommend that you watch this documentary and discover that Auschwitz did not mean primarily "kill the Jews", it meant "kill anyone who does not comply" and in time it became "no Jews comply, so just kill all the Jews.". We really need to learn our history and know these things!

Having said all this… I don't know about you, but whenever someone who I have elected to represent my will decides to FORCE me (using the very same power that I gave them by electing them!) to do something, I fire them. It's that simple. And even if you disagree over the topic of vaccination with me, you shouldn’t accept me to be forced to do anything either. Because today I might be the one "forced" to do something and I might even die for not complying. But if they start with me today, tomorrow you will be the one forced to do something that you simply refuse to do. This is a very risky game that people should NOT bet their lives on. It is fundamentally wrong and dangerous. And if you are a firearm owner and support mandatory vaccination… open your eyes. If the first train to the new Auschwitz will be filled with anti-vaxers, the second one will be filled with firearm owners.

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