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My Warthog Hunted With a Spear... - by Willem Pretorius (Kingdom of Bahrain)

My first warthog with a spear

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Spearhunt - Safari Hunting

This spear is an original specimen given to me as a gift by a grateful Bushmen tracker in the Kalahari-Ghansi district in Botswana where, after a real nail biting leopard follow-up, I’ve shot and killed the leopard mere milli-seconds before it could jump on the tracker.

This was another story….…

After seeing the pictures of my uncle hunting with his big cold steel boar spear, and not to be outdone, I’ve thus decided to also try my hand at hunting a warthog with my own spear.

I've took refuge in an old feeding trough krip where the warthogs frequently came to drink water.

Some good ones came in, but they were just too far away for an accurate throw.

After a considerable time, just when I contemplated to leave, three young warthogs came in and start drinking about 10 m from where I sat concealed in waiting!

My heart start racing and I could not believe my luck!

On the spot I decided to take this opportunity, and after some planning and concentration of how to quickly stand up and my arm movement at the same time, I burst into action and let fly at the nearest warthog.

The spear hit the warthog broadside on but a little high, just above the heart, and it frantically rushed away into the bush. After the adrenalin rush and when I've calmed down some, I went to retrieved my spear.

I next put my two excited hunting dog/trackers on its spoor. Though small in size, these Jack Russell / Dachshund crossbreeds more than make up for size with their brave attitude and superb hunting instinct

Like lightning they were off on the spoor and before long after about 50 m in the bush, they were in a huge fight with this by now very aggressive wounded young warthog boar many, many times their own size and weight!

Boy, how I wish I could show you all what real bravery is all about.....

I waited for the right moment in the melee and dust, and then let fly with my spear again.

When the spear blade hit the warthog behind the ear, it dropped like a stone.

Actually I've aimed for just behind the shoulder, sure that at such a short distance there is no way that I could miss such a big target! lol

Well, it’s definitely not one of my biggest warthogs that I've hunted so far, but surely one of my most exciting warthog hunts up to date!

Now, this young warthog is going to make a very tasty meal roasted over the campfire!

Well done, young Nimrod

–Bertus Pretorius!

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