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Just one more opinion from my never ending loading room - by Walt Haines

This might explain why gunsmiths are always angry. It might also explain why a wife should be her husband's best friend, not nagging like the dripping of a leaky roof in a rainstorm.

The DMs 4 revised or whatever 3 letters they use - the Diagnostic Mental Health Manual - with more power in a court room than the Bible - able to disqualify you from having a firearm in a single bound – it’s a secret book - only people can have it are them shrinks trained to use it - Hog Wash - Any decent book store will order it for you no questions asked. - But that's just the tip of the iceberg - and were a long way from the water - if this is the holy grail of your brain and soul - how did they get it? This is where you drop your Koonts book or Tommy knockers - there kids’ books fiction -People think this thing is the answer - and it’s a training aid or tool at best - some place between Froyed and DR Spock - (children don't lie - that got a lot of people locked up) and unnamed others wrote their findings - Based on 30 25 yr old's males from Chicago - Now how would that apply to a kid on a rock in Alaska? Another square peg in a round hole - Think I'm joking ? There's more fact in that than I care to admit! - So you got people writing opinions - then you get people reading these findings and interpreting them in their own way - Now you need a clean bill of mental health - to own a gun?? Did you know you can become a full-fledged PHD without taking phic 101? Ya, scared the crap out of me to - enough of that I hope I’ve made my point it isn't math it’s not physics - its perception – read the back of the card from a head shrink game - I see a gun I'm like “OOOh what is it can I see?” - oops not normal lock that boy up - Me see a gun after a crap day at work – “O goodie range time?” and you want me to sign away my HIPPA rights - trust me get the right shrink and no one will be mentally fit to own a gun. 4 or 5 yrs ago WA state did a study and in it determined all people over 50 has some form of demits - oops mental health issue - there calling it the Goldie locks clause - I read one paper on this - can’t find nothing else on it - want to drag a child custody case out 15 years have the judge order a clean bill of mental health before you x spouse can see the kids - probably not going to happen - Because if you do mess up or the shrink is on the hot seat for saying your ok - so its err on the side of caution - What a rat race - and if you win you’re still just a rat! -So it’s down to take a class give away your right to your physical and mental health and put it up for interruption by a state employed shrink - I don't think so - Now he /she waived their rights to privacy now deemed unfit to own a gun? But I see here he owns 5 others - Need to go get them red flag law and all-mental health is Pandora's box - don't open it ! - Just one more opinion from my never ending loading room!

Manual on how to adult right or lose your rights recognized in the Constitution.

The loading room.

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