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"Fathers", not "Lords" - by Hardy James

Fathers, not Lords

My grandparents came to America from England. Sponsored by Coke to be an accountant. Even though both of my grandparents were at the rank of major in the British royal army during WWII. My grandfather became an Episcopal minister and my grandmother the personal assistant to a Florida lawyer and state representative. They were loving and stable people. My mother was a result of the baby boomers and thus a Hippie. I grew up with the influences of both proper conservative and liberal hippie. I believe both made me an American. I have the liberal mentality of be free and do as you please. While still understanding that there are limits and reasons for those limits. Those limits give me the freedom to live happily. The freedom to live happily gives me the desire to protect the American constitution conservatively.

The constitution gives a person the right to Feel free. It provides an American with the rights to enjoy life without worry of someone taking from you in the name of LAW. It gives you the right to protect yourself from anyone from your neighbor to your governor. The constitution is as much a protector to the American person as it is the freedom to try to be whoever you want to be. But it does not give you any authority over another American or their rights.

America is based on a set of morals. Yes those same morals are the base for Christianity, but the constitution separates the church from having power over the government. Over the last 50 years people have moved away from the teachings of this morality due to its teaching in the Christian church. People began to use emotion instead of logic to justify why simple reminders of our morality, like the Ten Commandments and the bible, where unconstitutional. Activists in the sixties became lawyers and then became activists again.

Because of American compassion, the few (but loud) began to win lawsuits against morality being taught. This caused fear in schools and less wealthy cities. This fear of being sued caused people to stop fighting and just allow emotion to begin shaping American culture.

Something happen in 2016, the people realized they had been manipulated by laws to disregard the original morals American was formed around. The people had been very quiet but still existed. The Sleeping Giant. A vast majority of people are still rooted with the logic that understands the morals value. This group is the working skeleton that supports and moves this country. They are not stupid, they are busy. But when a very wealthy man who understood the root of American strength ran for office. The giant spoke and Trump was elected.

This country will get worse before we can fix it. Sadly, there will be physical conflict that sparks the change for better. Like an infection. The longer it takes to treat it, the more loss there will be. Our unconditional compassion and the desire to diplomatically correct the problems will actually allow the problem to grow. But the American people will eventually make a stand. Physically or through forced reeducation we Americans will make America again.

Respect. America was founded on the belief that good people deserved the freedom to live. That never meant the world was welcome. That meant people who were good and wanted the best for others were welcome to join us in the creation of a new form of government. America's compassion reached outside of our borders. We would protect and fight for our allies. Despite the fact that we didn't need allies. We had formed a strong and self-reliant country. That my friends is called love. Your father was stronger than you. He didn't need help with the hard work but understood that help was the key to success. Your father could hurt you in every way imaginable, but comforted and protected you. Your father taught you to be able to not need him. You can do this on your own. That was love. Our founders are not called “lord” or “your highness”. They are called “fathers” because that's America and that's respectable. What has happened to America is like your father went to sleep and a greedy child tried to take over leadership. But we are not playing house. This is reality.

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