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As times become more and more uncertain, it becomes increasingly important that one can protect oneself and one’s family from myriad threats.

In our effort to serve the community, and after very careful consideration of our role in this community, we have decided that until mid August we are rigorously reducing our prices for selected services. We know that times are financially difficult, but this should not prevent you from being able to protect your family.

Starting today, all our firearm maintenance services are reduced to $60 / hour for bench time and $90 / hour machine time. You are saving $15 / hour bench time (a whooping 20%!!!) and $30 / hour machine time (25%!!!) off our regular rates. Buy yourself some ammo. (Seriously.)

These discounts back up what you have heard us say very often: WE WANT YOU TO BE ARMED.

Part of the reasons why we are here is to make sure that you have the opportunity to do due diligence and stay safe.

These very significant discounts are applied only to the labor of maintenance services and only till mid August. The sooner you bring your firearm in, the sooner you’ll get it back. We work on all firearms in the order in which they come to the shop. Firearm maintenance services include but are not limited to: - cleaning your firearm - diagnostic for dysfunctions - install scope - bore sight - remove obstructions - check headspace - chamber cast - lap barrel - glass bedding and pillar bedding - recoil pad install - draw filing - milling for sights - open / modify ejector port

- front and rear sight work - trigger work - action job - barrel work (cut, crown, thread, install muzzle brake) - rebarelling - rechambering - back-boring - choke work - all AR work except refinishing - all AK work except refinishing - metal texturing - hot salt bluing - metal coatings - some wood work As you can see, the discounts cover quite a wide variety of services. We want you to have the opportunity to put your firearms in top shape this year. If not now, when?

Let’s hope we all survive!

We appreciate your business and your straight shooting.

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