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DIY SOCIALISM in America: The Illusion of Free Housing

Ligia recorded today a new video from her "DIY SOCIALISM IN AMERICA" series. In this video, she explains what "affordable housing" across America actually means. Very interesting, very informative.

"This video is about FREE HOUSING under SOCIALISM. Or rather, about THE ILLUSION of free housing.

My name is Ligia Brubaker, I was born and raised in the Socialist Republic of Romania, and I am here to tell you the truth about what happens behind the closed doors in socialist countries. I am here to help you understand what the socialist policies actually mean.

In this video, I talk about free housing and free holidays in Romania - what they really meant - and what they might look like in America.

Please like this video, subscribe to my channel and share this link with all the good people who genuinely believe the lies about socialism: they are being lied to, and we need to tell them the truth!"

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