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Today we have a Remington Model 11 semi auto shotgun that was sent in to have some parts fabricated. The customer had been told they were unavailable on the market. The gun arrived in a bag - literally a bag - of parts. It was dirty and crusty as well. We went through all the parts and made sure everything was there. Most everything was there that was good, so we got everything cleaned up. Since it was all apart, we were able to examine it pretty well.

We made sure any damaged parts were replaced; it also had a couple of missing parts that we replaced. The action spring that threads into the rear tang of the receiver was broken off in the receiver. (This was the part the client thought we were going to have to manufacture for him.) Fortunately, we were able to find a replacement from one of our parts distributors, and save the manufacturing cost. The main trouble we had was getting the broken bit that was threaded down into the receiver tang out of there. We were able to work some magic and get that taken care of. We put it all back together and she runs pretty good now - and that's about it! She's ready to get sent on her merry way! To find out more about our firearm malfunction diagnosing, obsolete part manufacturing and restoration services, please visit us at and STATIONED IN WASHINGTON STATE, YAKIMA VALLEY - SERVING NATIONWIDE Brubaker Arms offers the finest of custom made firearms. Built from scratch - not only personalized - our firearms rank high end in exhibitions and among connoisseurs. We stand behind our services offering maintenance, gunsmithing and general repairs for our custom built firearms and any other brand available on the market. Whether you are inquiring about your custom made firearm, need restoration services for your antique firearm or work on the newest model available on the market, we at Brubaker Arms will exceed your expectations!

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