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"Cakes For Cops" Easter 2022 Campaign Launched Today!

For the last two years, Ligia and Bryan have been directly involved in coordinating the "Cakes For Cops" Campaigns in Yakima Valley.

As private parties living in Yakima Valley (not as businesses), we have organized these campaigns with the purpose of developing a local culture that fosters gratitude towards the local Police (Yakima and Union Gap), the Sheriff's Office and the Firefighters who have been under a tremendous amount of pressure in the last two years. Our businesses, Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC and 1911bakery, have been supporting financially this effort and have sponsored the entire cost for the baked goods and distribution of them. Last year, just after we finished the last Campaign, we were asked by a number of our patrons if you could participate in this campaign. So this year, we're making our plans (as private parties) public, and we're happy to announce that our businesses, both Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC and 1911bakery will continue to support this campaign. At the same time, we'd like to welcome you to join us! Furthermore, we want to invite you to join us, since the market rose the cost of the campaigns quite a bit since last year.

We have around 350 local responders + staff in the Yakima Valley, between the Sheriff's Office, Yakima PD, Union Gap PD and the Firefighters. When you donate as little as $5, you are buying a delicious slice of cake, individually wrapped, for one of these brave men and women who are serving our community. (- But don't feel like there's a limit to the number of emergency responders you can treat!) We will present a giant "Thank You!" card to go with the cakes; your name will be listed as a contributing member when you donate. An emergency responder’s job is inevitably physically and emotionally draining. They are exposed to injuries, illness, and death on a near-constant basis. Even the most emotionally well-adjusted individuals experience the emotional pressures of this job and the toll it takes.

Our local emergency responders are serving our community with dedication and bravery. The last couple of years have been particularly hard on everyone, yet our local emergency responders continued to do their best to serve our valley. That's why we want to treat them to a delicious slice of cake!

As for our plans, every year we run FIVE "Thank You!" campaigns. This year's dates are listed below:

1. Easter - 17th April 2022

2. Memorial Day - 30th May 2022

3. Independence Day - 4th July 2022

4. Labor Day - 5th September 2022

5. Christmas and New Year - 25th December 2022 Each campaign is estimated to cost $1,450, so that is what we are raising for the first campaign.

The fundraiser for this year's first "Cakes for Cops" campaign: Easter 2022 can be found at this link:

We'd like to continue to have the opportunity to say "Thank You!" to our local neighbors, friends and family who are emergency responders. We'd like to be part of the voices that say "Thank You!", rather than "Defund them!" We are firm believers that we need the stability that the mere existence of the E.R. brings to our Valley. In addition to making their jobs as easy as possible, let's make it pleasant with the occasional treat!

Ligia & Bryan Brubaker

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