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TC Encore - by Gary Lynn Lease

I purchased my first Encore in 2006 with a Hardwood stock and a 30-06 barrel with iron sights. Did I need another 30-06? No, but the concept of being able to change a rifle into a handgun and interchangeable barrels was intriguing. I had heard there were questions on legality so I wrote an email to the ATF. I was told there were restrictions on changing a rifle frame into a handgun. Is it possible? Yes. If you do the proper paperwork, pay the fees and manufacture a handgun. Shortly after the email from the ATF, I purchased a handgun frame. So much for legal issues.

With my original rifle in hand I purchased a 26” heavy barrel in 25-06 and my journey began. I now have that and a 7mm Rem Magnum and a 22-250 in rifle and .308 and 7mm-08 in handgun. In the process I picked up a second handgun frame. I traded the original barrel and the second frame to a family member.

My selling point was simple. If you purchase a Remington 700 BDL and pay $750.00 for the basic rifle, add scope, rings, base and sling easily $1000.00. Now purchase an Encore frame for $600.00 in handgun, purchase the rifle stock and fore end for $200.00. Purchase a barrel $400.00, scope, rings and base $300.00. Each part purchased separate so no large lay of money at one time. $1500.00.

There is a big difference between the first Remington 700 BDL at $1000.00 and Encore for $1500.00

Now the fun begins:

Buy the second and third 700 BDL with accessories and $3000.00 for all three.

Buy the second and third Encore barrel with accessories and its $2700.00. Same scope, same trigger same feel. This is not much savings but by shopping around you can save enough money on a barrel, to buy another barrel with accessories. Get together with others and use their barrels to see how you like it before purchasing.

If you purchase a rifle on the internet it must delivered to an FFL dealer each time. Additional 25.00 to 50.00 per transfer. If you purchase an Encore barrel it is easily shipped through the mail directly to your home. Only the frames are numbered and restricted as a firearm.

The prices I am using are from Midway USA and the TC Encore web site. There are other manufacturers that produce encore barrels but remember quality costs money. Go to ebay and watch for used barrels. Gun shows, gun shops and retail outlets of any type will sell just the barrels. Rifle, pistol, shotgun, Muzzle loader and rimfire are available. How many have had the opportunity to shoot a .308 handgun. It is awesome!

There are reviews out there about the Encore not being at close tolerance. Most people cannot tell the difference and don’t shoot much over 300 yards. If this doesn’t work for you, that’s ok.

If you are a good enough shot or if you work as a machinist, simply sell your tool and move on.

My wife has taken an elk (337 yds) with the 7mm and I have taken deer with the 25-06 and the .308. I’ve shot coyote (327 yds) with my 22-250. All have performed just fine with factory ammunition.

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