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Front Sight Ramps

Banded Front Sight Ramps, inner diameter machine tapered to match barrel and swaged or silver soldered on.  Unbanded ramps fitted to barrel and silver soldered or screwed (drill & tap barrel) on.  Ramp polished to match barrel finish.

Custom Ramps also available.

(Pictures are of NECG Masterpiece banded front sight)

Rear Sights

Whether barrel mounted Express Sights, Receiver or Tang mounted Peep Sights, Brubaker Arms offers the best in rear sight installation and custom fabrication!  Sight bases machined and/or hand fitted to your firearm to create the most stable - and therefore inherently accurate - platform for your Classic iron sights.  Multiple leaf Express Sights can be cut to your specified ranges.  Custom made Rear Sights available.

Barrel Bands

In the same manner as our banded front sight ramps, Brubaker Arms contours the inner diameter of the sling swivel band to the taper of the barrel at the desired distance from the forend, usually 1.5 - 3", the swages the band in place.  

A classic European/African design, allows the gun to be shouldered lower in relation to the back/shoulder and therefore less likely to hang up in the brush.  

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