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Brubaker Arms threads muzzles for breaks & suppressors.  Barrel/barreled action is turned between centers when threading to eliminate any possibility of baffle strike - all surfaces parallel & concentric to bore.  Brubaker Arms threads standard & metric


 Barreled action or pulled barrel turned between  centers.

Threads cut followed by relief cut;  shoulder  turned concentric to the bore, crown  polished.  Standard 1/2-28, 5/8-24, or to your  specifics.

Threaded shank is ~.550" - .560" if yours must be shorter,

please inform us before work is done.  

Brubaker Arms top quality custom thread cap made from barrel steel, turned to muzzle diameter & knurled then threaded to easily cover muzzle threads & protect them when your brake or can is on another gun! Get one with Brubaker Arms custom muzzlebreak

 Custom Thread Protection Cap

 Thread Protector Cap cut to barrel diameter and knurled.

Brubaker Arms custom muzzle brakes made & timed to your gun best design for reducing felt recoil, taken from old tank brake designs.  Brubaker Arms muzzlebreak turned between centers, can be profiled to match barrels .650" and larger. Top quality work

 High Speed Style Muzzlebreak 

 Custom made tri-circle Muzzlebreak, timed to your barrel.
"Spike" created by tangental circles furthers gas flow distruption making for ultra-smooth shooting!  Watch the video!
(Fabrication video on our Facebook page.) 

Brubaker Arms Custom Muzzlebreak Whhole Set

 Brubaker Arms threads muzzles for brakes & cans. Barrel(ed action) turned between centers so threads & shoulder are parallel & concentric to bore, respectively, eliminating possibility of baffle strikes. Custom muzzlebreak is High Speed style, taken from old tank break designs - most effective brake out there! Cap turned from barrel steel to match muzzle diameter, knurled & threaded to protect threads when brake/can not installed. Brubaker Arms can match break diameter to barrel diameter .650"+

Your barrel threaded, custom cap matching barrel  diameter and timed custom tri-circle 'break. Break can be profiled to match barrel down to .650"

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