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  Brubaker Arms inletting is a one-to-one press fit from the chamber to the end of the rear tang of the action and bottom metal.  The barrel is freefloated 10mils.  All inletting is CA-impregnated and glass-bedded to make the stock atmospherically inert and insure zero potential for movement between stock and action.  Stock is pillar bedded to eliminate any possibility of crush during reassembly.

We provide the following services:

   One-to-one Stock Duplication, semi-inlet, ~.050" outside, ~.020" inside (includes bedding action to pattern and duplicator machine work)

   Fully inlet One-to-one Stock Duplication, press fit bedded action (includes bedding stock to pattern, machining, final hand inletting, pillaring and bedding action to stock)


In addition to action bedding, we also provide inletting for all metalwork:

      Skeletonized Grip Cap 

      Skeletonized Buttplate

      Steel Buttplate 

      Trap Grip Cap

      Trap Buttplate

      Sling Swivel Bases


      Medallion for Monograph


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