Your parcel needs to include:
- complete firearm
- any additional parts that you’d like us to fit to your firearm (if any)
- Work Order Form (fill in online or print, fill in and include in the parcel)
- Contract (fill in online or print, fill in and include in the parcel)
- copy of your ID if you ship it out to us or copy of the FFL, if the firearm is sent through an FFL
- ammo - a separate parcel needs to include ammo for testing your firearm

We do not accept reloaded ammo, except for obsolete calibers.

Firearms shipped directly to Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC need to be packaged in a sturdy box, preferably in a case and then in a box. Most carriers are not particularly delicate with handling the parcels. Bolts need to be removed and packed separately, wrapped in thick protective layers, and can be added in the same box. Ammunition needs to be shipped in a separate box. Firearms being returned to customers will be packaged by Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC  to ensure safe arrival.

Handguns and long guns may be shipped by individuals directly to Brubaker Arms Manufacturing - Restorations, LLC.
They can but do not need to be shipped from an FFL. We recommend that you do not use a third party FFL for shipping.  
We recommend shipping your firearm via UPS, DHL or FedEx. USPS is not a reliable option for shipping firearms, but it is the only option for shipping ammunition, so if you ship ammunition please use USPS.
Our address is:
Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC, 2107 E Mead Avenue Yakima WA 98903.

The firearm can only be returned to the customer directly if the customer shipped it out to Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC directly.
If a customer opts to use an FFL to ship out the firearm, the firearm MUST be returned to the same or another FFL;
it cannot be returned to an individual, per ATF regulations.

If you have not provided any information regarding your insurance request, before return shipping the firearm,
Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC will contact you to inquire about the preferred carrier and the insurance amount requested.


Firearms purchased from Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC must be shipped to an FFL.
Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC can only ship firearms directly to the customer when the parcel contains a firearm that was shipped out to Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC by said customer. New purchases need to go through the Federal Firearm Transfer process (Form 4473)
and local state firearm transfer process.