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We offer general repairs and maintenance for firearms of all types. We specialize in fine end sporting firearms, but we work on all firearms.
We are a licensed gunsmithing shop and our gunsmiths have been trained and licensed in order to provide the best quality services.
Unlike armorers, we are licensed to do anything firearms related – from replacing parts to designing firearms from scratch,

reverse-engineer parts and produce serialized or one-of-a-kind parts.
A limited list of the services we provide can be found under the tabs below.

In addition to general repairs, we are thrilled to offer high-end custom rifles, tailored to your specific body type, based on individual orders.

> $60 Minimum shop charge

> $60 Man Labor / hour
> $90 Machining / hour
> $75 Man Labor / hour

> $120 Machining / hour
> Appointment with the master gunsmith - $30 / 30 minutes

> $10 - Shop Fee (Materials other than parts - like sanding paper, lubricant, cleaner, target, etc.), charged only if used
> $15 / 15 minutes search  - Administrative Fee for ordering parts with value under $100. Parts over $100 are subject to a 15% mark-up.
> $45 Tool Fee / machining operation for cutting, drilling or pinning melonite / hardened metals / stainless steel
> Ammo – when customer does not provide ammo, we will not test the function of your firearm, unless strictly necessary, in which case we will charge $5 / round; we do not accept reloads, under any circumstance. No exceptions.

Common Gunsmithing Services & Standard Jobs

This list is not a comprehensive list of the services we offer.
It is merely a guide for customers to use to get an idea of the type of services that we offer.
We are a high end full service gunsmithing shop,
so listing all services we can provide is impossible.
No job too small or too big.

* AR “Home-builds” (and others) may include additional expenses for correcting faulty previous work, for example loctiting flash-hiders, barrel nuts, etc.

*Firearms that need to be logged in and sent to the gunsmith for work will be subject to a 1 hour (shop rate for general repairs is $60.00/hr) minimum bill.

* Please do not pull your gun apart. Guns that come in parts require extra work and time. We charge $180 / firearm that comes in disassembled, as they will require at least 3 hours for full inspection and re-assembly according to the schematics.
* We do not do work that requires function testing on firearms that are dirty; firearms brought in dirty will be cleaned and charged for cleaning, so we can provide good quality work.

* We are often requested to estimate the amount of fees and costs likely to be incurred in connection with a particular project. Whenever possible we will furnish such an estimate based upon our professional judgment, but always with a clear understanding that the estimate is not a maximum or fixed fee quotation. The ultimate charges may be more or less than the amount estimated.
* Difficult / complicated brands require extra work and extra time; this includes but is not limited to anything with more than one barrel, all German brands, Remington M10, Buffalo Newton, Old firearms, obscure brands, home-made guns.





> Quick Clean: Field strip gun + ultrasonic clean, oil & reassembly (no painted guns)

> Diagnostic Clean (DCOA): Complete disassembly, clean all parts, examine for wear / potential breakage; quote replacement parts if necessary to put gun in A-1 condition

   - handguns and long guns

   - double guns
   - extra dirty firearms

> Bead, sandblast or wire brush stainless steel; if firearm is oily and dirty, may be subjected to DCOA

> Drill & Tap (bbl, receiver, slide, etc.)  

> Plug hole with screw, re-drill and tap

> Remove broken screw

> Weld in old screw hole, redrill + tap 

> Mount and boresight scope

> Bore sight

> Pattern shotgun

> Sight in scoped rifle at distance (100 yards or custom)

> Check headspace

> Make chamber cast

> Remove stuck fired case from chamber

> Remove stuck live round from chamber

> Remove obstruction from bore, including muzzleloaders (balls and broken ramrod) 

> Remove fouling from barrel 

> Lap barrel

> Glass bedding barrel & action – Hunting Rifle

> Glass bedding barrel & action – Match Rifles, M-1 Garand, M1A 

> Pillar bedding barrel & action

> Install recoil pad

> Lap barrel

> Make and install spring

> Re-solder rib 

> Re-solder forend lug

> Raising dent in barrel

> Straighter or adjust barrel

> Refitting hinge pin lug

> Straighten crane on revolver 

> Tighten slide of 1911 auto



> Stripping nickel

> Draw filing

> Bevel Magazine well of 1911 Auto 

> Open and modify ejection port of 1911 auto slide 

> Throat, polish chamber and feed ramp of 1911

> Open bolt face for larger cartridge

> Mill bolt for M16 style safety

> Action work:

- Lap in bolt lugs

- Welding on new bolt handle

- Forging bolt handle 

- Threading bolt handle for knob

- Inlet stock for new bolt handle 

- Installing aftermarket safeties / safety modifications

-> labor for Dakota, Gentry, Mod 70 Type Safety with shroud and similar

-> labor for Mark II / Beuhler type

-> labor for Chapman Swing Safety Lever

-> beavertail safety for 1911s, requires frame modification

- Install crane lock for revolvers

- Remove / modify revolver hammer spur

- Fit & Install barrel bushing on 1911 Auto

- Fit custom hammer

> Sight work:

- Milling slide for red dot sight

- Milling dovetail slo

- Solder on front ramp

- Screw-on front ramp

- Sight ordering fee

- Swap Sights for standard guns and for difficult brands Sig, Beretta, M&P Shields, Kimber and other

- Install stake-on front sight 

- Install fiber optic front sight (existing dovetail) 

- Install rear sight (existing dovetail, w/o cost of sight) 

- Install insert in pistol sight 

- Install fiber optic 

- Flatten rear sight (existing dovetail, w/o cost of sight) 

- Cut slide for BO-MAR sight (usually for 1911s)

-> plain cut

- Cut slide for Novak rear sight (usually for 1911s) 


> Trigger work:

- installation or adjustment of trigger 

- labor for Shilen, Timney, Dayton-Traister, Moyer type

- labor for double sets 

- labor for single sets 

- labor for 1911s  

- labor for AR 
- Action job – Clean, smooth action


> Barrel Work:

- Muzzle brakes:

-> cut, crown & thread barrel

-> thread muzzle for muzzle brake or suppressor (does not include muzzle installation or thread protecting cap) 

-> pin & weld muzzle brake to barrel 

-> make & install custom in-house made muzzle, flush to the bbl and matching the profile and the finish of the bbl - Brubaker Arms TriCircle ‘Brake (barrel needs to be at least .650”+dia or needs to be cut down up to that dia.) 

-> make & install custom in-house made muzzle, flush to the bbl and matching the profile and the finish of the bbl - BAMF ‘Brake: Brubaker Arms ManuFacturing ‘Brake: Larger ports than our TriCircle ‘Brake, with 4 .125” ports 60* off top Centerline (30* each side)

-> custom thread protecting cap – matches barrel diameter -

-> install muzzle brake with crushwasher – when clients provides muzzle brake

-> custom 1/2-28 to 5/8-24 adapter

- Install barrel band swivel (soldering on) 

- Lengthen forcing cone, plated and non-plated bores

- Install liner in the barrel

- Cut down and crown barrel - Rifles and Shotguns / Handguns

- Rebarreling – Remove old barrel, replace with new factory barrel, labor only; any rebarreling will require refinish.

-> if barrel is blank (chamber and fit barrel to action) 

-> if barrel is pre-threaded and chambered

-> revolvers

-> 1911s, non-Ramped Barrel 

-> 1911s, Ramped Barrel 

-> AR barrel 

- Basic re-chambering 

- Back-boring, non-plated bores only

- Open / modify choke - per barrel or tube, non-plated bores only

- Install screw-in choke - (plus tubes) - Win-Choke®, Colonial, etc. 

- Port barrel


*al AR fees are subject to the “home builder fee”
Install aftermarket trigger 

Install aftermarket forend / free float 


- complete upper 

- complete lower

- complete rifle

Install flash hinder on pre-threaded barrel 

Open gas port for functioning 

Install / replace gas block
Install / replace AR barrel 

Install / replace buttstock & buffertube 
AR action jobs

*al AK fees are subject to the “home builder fee”
* prices include machine and bench time only; metal finishes not included
Underfolder model 
AKM model 

AK Modifications:
- Galyel style charging handle – weld on bolt handle 
- Side mount scope
- Bore gas port
- Barrel swap – press off old barrel, install 
- Front sight gas block – cut, thread + crown (require correct metric dye), includes boring out gas port to function with shorter dowel time
- Make safety bolt hold open



Custom slide profiling

Convert revolver from square butt to round butt 

Jeweling / engine turning bolt 

Jeweling / engine turning small parts 

Re-contour front or rear receiving ring 

Dehorn and break edges for carry

Full melt down bevelling

Checker front strap of frame on 1911 auto




> DIP: If you chose to prepare the metal yourself, you are welcome to do so. We will do the bluing exclusively, based on a liability release form that you sign.

If you are sending your project in for a “dip”, we do not do any metal preparation for you.  It must arrive in the shop completely rust-free and polished to your satisfaction.  Please do not send any rusty parts for a dip – no matter how light the rust, bluing will not eliminate it.

Preparation should include stripping old bluing, then bead blasting with an abrasive (e.g. glass bead or aluminum oxide) to remove rust, followed by polishing from lower to higher grits.  It is important that you properly oil and package your prepared metal, as surface rust can form in a very short period of time, especially in transit environments.

When we receive your firearm, we will evaluate it to be sure there is no rust present, and then run it through the bluing tanks in the next bluing session.  If rust is present we will contact you regarding your options.

If you have aluminum parts that accompany your dip, we can Cerakote those parts for an extra fee.

> MATTE:  Abrasive / bead blast / wire wheel followed with all screw holes and corners protected and square. 

> SATIN:  Abrasive / bead blast / wire wheel followed with all screw holes and corners protected and square. Finished with Scotch-Brite.

> SEMI-GLOSS:  Polished to #320 grit polish with all screw holes and corners protected and square. Finished with Scotch-Brite.

> HIGH-GLOSS:  Polished to #600 grit polish with all screw holes and corners protected and square. Finished with Scotch-Brite.

> MIRROR: Polished to #1500 grit polish with all screw holes and corners protected and square; all polishing marks removed, no ripples, and finished with #1500 polish to a mirror finish. Finished with Scotch-Brite.   


05. METAL FINISHES – include bead blasting only


Long gun

Long Gun


> NitreBlue™ / FIRE BLUING – Offered for small parts / accessories only

> ANODIZING – Aluminum only


- full rifle, less barrels 

- one part





> PARKERIZING – Steel only 



> Install adjustable butt plate 

> Install sling swivels – standard and quick detach 

> Install stock cross bolt

> Install recoil reducer:

- Simple installation in synthetic buttstock -

- Hydraulic buttplate-style (Gra-Coil or Counter Coil®) 

- Drill Stock & Install Recoil Reducer 

> Inletting and finishing of semi-finished stock 

> Fit, bed and finish fiberglass stock blank 

> Prefinished synthetic stock – fit and install barrelled action

> Install adjustable comb hardware 

> Cut synthetic stock + bed wood bit for re-attaching recoil pad 

> Fit recoil pad 

- make custom pattern for client, fitted to arm, shoulder, face physiology 
- return pattern fee, if client brings his own pattern and wants it back 
- duplicating stock
- hand inletting by the hour



> Recutting Checkering 

> New Checkering

> Custom Checkering - 1 of a kind art



> Total stock restoration – strip to bare wood, raise marginal dings & scratches, seal wood pores, recut checkering, rubbed oil to desired finish: matte, gloss, high gloss

> Stock Refinish (only for varnished / lacquered stocks) – strip to bare wood, steam, sand, spray – standard stock and complicated stock
> Stock Refresh – knock-down, re-spray / oil – standard stock and
 complicated stock



> WEATHERBY FINISH - two part epoxy varnish 



> Accurizing package – includes:

- True bolt face

- True receiver face (and recoil lug on Remington type actions)

- Lap bolt and inner lugs and recoil lug

- Chamber to minimum head space

- Bed action to stock and free float barrel

- Set trigger to 3lb or otherwise specified

With glass bedding

With pillar bedding


Save 15% when purchasing the Accurizing package vs. purchasing the services individually.




Firearms collections can constitute a valuable loss in case of fire hazards. Our company can assist you with minimizing your loss by providing you with a written appraisal on a letterhead document. Our written appraisals packages include the following, but we can customize your package as requested by your insurance company:

- close inspection of each firearm;

- establishing the market value of the firearm prior to the fire hazard and after;

- when the firearm is a collectible item that had been conserved in original finish: loss of collectible value

- list of services needed for bringing the firearms back to the original value, with quotes at our shop rates


- ATF recording (acquisition and disposition)

- Appraisal of firearm value – in writing, on letterhead


Although most manufacturers provide a high-standard quality control, sometimes firearms present function faults from manufacturing. If  your firearm is still covered by warranty, it is cheaper for our customers to ship the firearm back to the original manufacturer rather than covering the repair cost. In that case, we will provide you with a written appraisal to ship with your firearm to the manufacturers.

Our written appraisals usually include:

- close inspection of the firearm;

- function testing;​

- proof of malfunction from production.

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