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Again, there is very little limit to what Brubaker Arms can do to your firearm.  


As Bryan Brubaker so often likes to say, "It's never a quetion of if; it's aways a question of how."  


Some of the custom work we do:

 * Bolt handles

 * Barrel tapers

 * Bottom metal

 * Extended tangs

 * K98 to M70 safeties

 * Tang safety conversions

 * Integral optic bases

 * Barrel ribs

Contact Us to discuss your ideas so we can determine how to make them reality!

This Smith was brought in because its fixed sights' point of aim did not meet actual point of impact.  After discussing a number of options with the client, we decided on mounting a 1911 style dovetail Trijicon dot sight which can be adjusted for windage.  However, adjustment was not needed; once sight was installed and centered, point of impact was centered.  Elevation determined by dot's relation to rear notch.  Sight picture in slideshow is where point of aim meets point of impact at 21 feet.

Rd 1) Dot at top of rear sight notch

Rd 2) (center of cross, covered by barrel) Dot split by top of rear notch

Rds 3-6) Top of top inline with top of rear sight notch, see sight picture in slideshow.  #4 flyer.

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