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We aim to afford you an efficient and stress-free interview and hiring process. All applications for employment are thoroughly reviewed by our team.

The application process is simple and it is based on skills and character.

1. Apply here: 


All applicants are generally contacted within 1-2 weeks of applying.

2. Interview and Skill Test

If your background is a potential match, we will contact you to set up an in-person skill interview. During this first meeting, we will learn about your background, aspirations and goals. If we like you, you might even take home some homework with you!
We will ask you to refinish a stock to the best of your ability, and to produce one or more parts that need to be machined and hand polishing, which you will bring back at a later date for evaluation. Most often, the Interview and the Skill Test are a one-meeting event. The wood stock will be provided by us.

3. Character Test
On the date when you bring back the refinished stock and the machined parts, if your skill level and career goals match our team, we will ask you to take a personality and character test. We use one of Jordan Peterson's personality tests. The scope of this test is to determine if our team is an environment in which someone with your personality type can flourish and be an asset to the whole group. Group dynamic is particularly important for our team.

4. Offer

Brubaker Arms extends offers of employment to the best qualified candidate(s). Due to legal restrictions surrounding our products, offers of employment are contingent upon successfully completing a background check and drug screen.

5. Orientation

Day 1 includes a series of orientations that will introduce and connect them with our Safety program, Company Policies and Procedures, information about our Company Values and Culture, etc.
As an employee of Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC, we expect a high level of integrity, quality, accountability, and respect. To be part of the Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC team, all employees must adhere to our Guidelines on Ethical Behavior.

Thank you for considering becoming a member of the Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC team!

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