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Brubaker Arms provides superb traditional quick rust bluing.  

Traditional rust bluing is deeper penetrating than commercial hot salt bluing, as well as a richer, more lustrous finish.  
We strip the finish off all metal parts, polish to 320, then follow with a ultra-fine glass bead blast.  This process gives the metal an elegant satin lustre.  Then comes the bluing! After heating the metal parts, solution is applied - 3 coats before steeping.

This is repeated until the finish is deep enough and consistent, usually 7 or more applications.

When the process is finished, the parts are given a final cleaning and light oiling before reassembly.

Rust bluing penetrates deeper into the metal than salt bluing used by major manufacturers. It also has a richer, deeper lustre - why those old guns looked so classy! Bryan Brubaker spends the time needed to give guns the full treatment, polishing all parts before painstakingly cleaning and bluing but the end result is a beautiful gun recalling all the class, mystique and allure that has so fascinated so many folks.

Brubaker Arms also provides Zinc (Black) and Manganese (Grey) Parkerizing.  Classic Military weatherizing coating prevents rusting; ruggedly durable, nonreflective - a great option for hunting rifles and duck guns!  We strip all parts to be Parkerized down to bare metal, polish out to 320, then follow with an ultra-fine glass bead blast for uniform adherence and appearance.  Then parts are cleaned and degreased before Parkerizing.  
Afterwards, firearm is reassembled and functionality verified.  

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