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Brubaker Arms Manufacturing is synonymous with expertise and tradition: custom gunmaking and gunsmithing have been the core of our business since 2009 and we are proud to say that we do it well! We are the most comprehensive gunsmithing shop in WA state, and one of the few places in the country that can help with your traditional, high end custom gun work.

Our wide gunmaking, gunsmithing and manufacturing custom parts experience is based on 12 years of solid efforts to provide quality services at affordable prices to the local community; at the same time, our clientele base extends across the USA, with regular customers and partners in Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona and other states.  

Since 2018, our motto has been "Building an American Tradition" because Brubaker Arms is the result of a multi-generational effort to build an American legacy. The Brubaker Family has established itself as a customer-satisfaction oriented entrepreneur, with branches in multiple fields. Our family believes in the priceless value of leaving a legacy of integrity to the future generations.
The solid support of our parents and grandparents is the foundation this company is built on.

The first year in Yakima, Brubaker Arms provided contract gunwork before becoming a standalone shop in October 2013.  Since the beginning of 2015, Brubaker Arms has been providing gunsmithing services, custom gunwork, and general repairs to or through all major independent gunshops in town, in addition to taking in work independently.

Brubaker Arms Manufacturing does not only customize parts, but we are a fine end manufacturer. We choose the materials we use in order to create bespoke firearms, made to order, and are licensed to manufacture from scratch any part of your firearm. When you visit our office / showroom situated at 2107 East Mead Avenue Yakima WA 98901, the diversity of our current projects and the archive of our past projects will fascinate you and inspire you to build your own custom high-end rifle or shotgun.
We are the leading general repairs gunsmithing and firearm maintenance shop in Washington state.  


Brubaker Arms Manufacturing offers the finest of custom made firearms.
Built from scratch - not only personalized - our firearms rank high end in exhibitions and among connoisseurs.

We only release projects when we are more than satisfied with the quality of the service we provided.
Before you even have the chance to see your firearm, we will make sure it is exhibition grade and the finishing is done to perfection.
If we are unsatisfied with it, we will re-do the project until we would be proud to carry your firearm. Your project is our business card.

In addition to offering high quality services and products, we choose our partners carefully.
When you purchase an item through our online store, we guarantee the same craftsmanship and quality standards across the board. 

​This is why, whether you are inquiring about your custom made firearm, need restoration services for your antique firearm, work on the newest model of firearm available on the market or purchase accessories, we at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing will exceed your expectations!



We are a licensed gunsmithing shop and our gunsmiths have been trained and licensed in order to provide the best quality services.
Unlike armorers, we are licensed to do anything firearms related – from replacing parts to designing firearms from scratch, reverse-engineer parts and produce serialized or one-of-a-kind parts.

Top quality craftsmanship is one of our main goals when it comes to the quality of our services. Our checkering, finishing and coating jobs are at the highest standards. The major differences between a custom made rifle and a mass produced one is in the craftsmanship and we make sure we stay on the top of the market by constantly perfecting our skills and experimenting.

Gun fitting is the practice of analyzing and measuring an individual in order to produce the best handling rifle or shotgun for that individual. Our gunsmiths will help you measure all your defining proportions and make sure your stock fits you perfectly. 

We stand behind our services offering maintenance, gunsmithing and general repairs for our custom built firearms and any other brand available on the market. 

We offer general repairs and maintenance for firearms of all types. We specialize is fine end sporting firearms, but we work on all firearms. 

All firearms leaving our shop are tested for carry safety and fire-tested.


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Bryan started Brubaker Arms in 2009 in Savannah, GA, making and selling traditional, primitive, and Native American bows, tools and weaponry and, with a registered FFL, selling firearms.  This, in part, funded his education at Colorado School of Trades, in their gunsmithing program. While attending CST, Bryan was awarded the American Custom Gunmakers' Guild Grant-In-Aid in 2012 and graduated later that year.  After graduating, Bryan moved to Yakima, WA, and brought Brubaker Arms with him.  


Bryan Brubaker is the only licensed gunsmith (that we know of) in the Yakima area, up to Seattle and Tri Cities.


Morgan is a first generation immigrant. She was born and raised in the Socialist Republic of Romania. 

Morgan moved to the U.S. in the summer of 2016 when she married Bryan and Brubaker Arms. She was trained and worked as an architect in Europe for over 10 years.  Morgan is the manager and officer of Brubaker Arms Manufacturing, LLC.

The Showroom

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